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Project Phoenix’s Director Explains why it’ll be on PS4 and PS Vita and Not on Nintendo’s Consoles

With the successful debut of Project Phoenix on Kickstarter many have been wondering why the developer Creative Intelligence Arts is negotiating for a PS4 and PS Vita version of the game, but isn’t interested in publishing it on Nintendo’s consoles, and in particular on the Wii U.

Last night Giuseppe Nelva of DualShockers.com had a chance to interview the game’s Director and Producer Hiroaki Yura, so he just went ahead and asked him directly. (3DS, Project Phoenix, PS Vita, PS4, Wii U)

SynGamer  +   330d ago
Just waiting for confirmation that this game will be made for the PS Vita (natively, not through remote play on PS4, though that's cool too). As soon as they say it's a go, they have my money :)

I must admit, I'm LOVING these indie games on Kickstarter. This will be my 3rd backed in roughly a month. Really looking forward to 2014 and 2015 now :D
sherimae2413  +   330d ago
still in denial?!

ofcourse there will be a vita version of the game! thats why its written as "project phoenix will also be released for ps4 and vita"

is that hard for you to understand?

it doesnt says as "project phoenix will be released for ps4 and can be played through vita via remoteplay"

and also the game is coming to ios/android devices, it doesnt make sense if the vita will only be playable thru remoteplay

think, think, think! oniichan!! ^_^
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SynGamer  +   330d ago
They said they're 90% sure but are still in negotiations with Sony. Not sure why you're getting so defensive, I plan on supporting the game, I just want to make sure they're 100% confirmed to be bringing it to PS Vita :)
Odoylerules000  +   330d ago
Daaaaammmn girl! He wasn't really even being negative about the Vita! 90% still means it might not be released on our hand-held of choice although chances are it will. Don't get me wrong, all us Vita owners are hoping for this.
Abriael  +   330d ago
he sure seemed pretty positive about it when I interviewed him.
miyamoto  +   329d ago
So many positive things happening to PlayStation 4 and PS Vita!

Great Games Awaits!

Thank heaven for PlayStation!

PlayStation has all the right moves!

Tenchu, Valkyria, Uematsu are the names that spell EPICNESS for this game!
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sherimae2413  +   330d ago
consider it done! oniichan!

besides that 90%ur talking about is the deal about them an sony to release the game on BOTH the ps4 and vita, and they say it will 90% chance that will likely to happen

i suggest you should follow the news regarding to this game, may it be here or in twitter or at kickstarter to know more about infos okies ^_^
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SynGamer  +   330d ago

I have been following the news, hence why their Kickstarter page still says:

"Which game consoles will Project Phoenix be released on?

Currently we are in negotiations to have our game released on the PS4 and the PSVITA. The negotiations are still ongoing and we are 90% certain we will be able to release on these wonderful devices."

Once that is confirmed, THEN you can "consider it done" ;) Also, you seem really defensive. I haven't once said anything negative about the game, I'm simply stating that I want them to officially confirm they will be bringing the game to the PS Vita, that's all :)
sherimae2413  +   330d ago
its because ur comment stated above says "im waiting for confirmation if this game will be made for ps vita natively?" which is already stated by the developer that they are developing this game on both ps4 and vita, get it now?

that 90% is about the deal whether it will be released in ps4/vita isnt it and we both know that

im not defensive im just stating that there is something wrong in ur comment above, why would u wait for confirmation if the game will be made for ps vita (natively) when its already stated by the dev its both for ps4 and vita a few days ago?
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Hicken  +   330d ago
To be fair, dear, you are being a little aggressive. I do see where you're coming from, but it does sound like you're attacking him.
Jury  +   330d ago
This isn't xbl, chill out and be respectful. I respect this dude for getting on kick starter and helping out. Nice one mate.
sherimae2413  +   330d ago
am i being aggresive? just tell me and ill apologize, oniichan!
i think am i.... then sowwy ^_^ peace okies
Abriael  +   330d ago
Hicken  +   330d ago
That's just her style. She's always called people that.
kenshiro100  +   329d ago
D'awww, she's adorable. ^-^
sherimae2413  +   330d ago
VITA version for me!!! im glad they picked the ps4 and vita ^_^
Blackdeath_663  +   330d ago
nice to see devs working on creative games valuing their games design over sales or being on all the platforms. too often do we see companies compromising the quality of their games for whatever reason
gaelic_laoch  +   330d ago
Vita Day One!
falcon97  +   330d ago
Nintendo clearly wont miss u when looking at this video...


And this video only contains some,theres a new desert strike and lots more on wiiu confirmed.
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seppo91  +   330d ago
You're sure about that?
I would think every old school gamer would love to have Project Phoenix.
Doesnt matter what system its on.
HammadTheBeast  +   330d ago
Yeah but still, can't hurt to get another game, especially a JRPG created by legendary devs and which goes back to the roots.
Odoylerules000  +   330d ago
You'd be right except you're completely and utterly wrong. Try again.
Abriael  +   330d ago
There's absolutely nothing there that looks even nearly as interesting as Project Phoenix. Lemme know when Nintendo gets an indie game with music by Nobuo Uematsu, k?
Protagonist  +   330d ago
Anything Valkyria Chronicles connected to my PS Vita has my attention.
Odoylerules000  +   330d ago
True that!
Abriael  +   330d ago
I just wish we got the real one..
o-Sunny-o  +   330d ago
I never heard of this till now. I'm getting it either PS4 or Vita doesn't matter. ^~^
kayoss  +   330d ago
Vita needs some exclusive games. Im glad this game is also coming to the Vita. But in all honesty, I want the Vita to be successful and in order for this to happen. The Vita need games that you cant get on any other consoles including ps3 and ps4.
Abriael  +   330d ago
The vita has plenty. They just need to be localized for the west.
Yep  +   330d ago
Wii U can't get every indie game.
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Abriael  +   330d ago
Actually it can't get most of them
Yep  +   330d ago
That's funny, I could have swore I had just watched a video where 18 indie games were showcased for the Wii U. And that's not even all of them.

My eyes don't deceive me buddy. Stop being a fanboy.
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BosSSyndrome  +   330d ago
millzy102  +   330d ago
"the problem with Nintendo... You know I like them and everything but not a lot of people buy it"

Its this kind of bull shit that is really annoying me with devs, if he was referring only to Wii u then fair enough but Nintendo has the world's highest selling console on the market right now in the 3ds, but yeah no one buys Nintendo then they say there 90 percent sure that it's coming to vita which is selling nothing like the 3ds, why can't they say "we're just not interested in developing for Nintendo" rather than talking shit. I own a vita, I've preordered a ps4, got 3ds and Wii u so I can get Any game I'm interested in and if the right amount of games come maybe in a few years I'll own Xbox again but a lot of developer and publishers are not getting my money because I refuse to give dick heads money.
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Odoylerules000  +   330d ago
Why do you let it bother you so much? No one cares that it bothers you so just learn to ignore the stupid shit. I haven't liked anything Nintendo has made since the N64 but any jag-off can see that other than the Wii-U, most Nintendo products sell like crazy. Pokemon, Zelda, Mario, Metroid are all IPs that can't be stopped.... I fully admit this and I don't really care for any of them. Long story short... Don't sweat the small stuff. (Wow, this turned out to be a long reply..maybe I DO care!) xoxo, O'Doyle
Ol_G  +   330d ago
i can understand why he reacts like that devs are using the weakest and most stupid excuses to not develop for nintendo just say you don't like them and don't want to develop for them and you're done no need to lie but it seems thats whats hot these days
DragonKnight  +   330d ago
Quote from the article.

"They have interesting hardware, but it ends at “interesting”. It’s not “exciting”.

Oh snap. He did not just call Nintendo's hardware only "interesting" did he?

duducus  +   330d ago
I've never found hardware exciting, only games...
PopRocks359  +   330d ago
Easy there chum, it almost sounds like you're trolling.
Abriael  +   330d ago
Just sounds?
DragonKnight  +   330d ago
Yes just sounds. I'm not trolling, just posting an expectation.
Shnazzyone  +   330d ago
Wait, one part bugs me. Nintendo is actually over 100 years old. Sony showed up in 1946. Why all the exposition about the age of the company being too young when the company you're making it for is significantly younger. Seems strange. Probably sony ponied up some cash is my guess and running a kick starter... probably not a good idea to disclose that stuff.

It's fine Sony needs it more anyway. Nintendo has more than enough indy titles coming.
Tito08  +   329d ago
He's talking about the company's original roots, he recognizes that because it's based on their Kyoto culture, and he said compared to older companies that have survived for hundreds of years, meaning, more than 100, Nintendo isn't relatively old, but the company acts old as a videogame company, meaning, they only stick to their old rules since 1985, plus the fact Nintendo does not accept Japanese indie developers but instead goes for westerns supports his claims, and honestly, let's not pretend Sony and MS makes missteps, Nintendo does as well, and this year alone they have done plenty of missteps it's not even funny.

If Nintendo wants to succeed, they have to make strong changes. Wii & DS isn't being successful because of their fanbase, it was because of the casuals, now that market went for phones/tablets, they have nothing to do but still support their same old fans which buys nothing but 1st party games, and it's also a fact, with the exception of a few, most 3rd party games does not sell on Nintendo devices, to the Nintendo fans/fanboys, if a dev does not want to make games for the machine of your choice, you should know better by now why is that, and don't blame devs when you guys don't even buy their games, y'all at fault as well.
millzy102  +   329d ago
I'm personally not bothered what system devs decide to make games on, it's up to them it's a free world after all. I'm just getting sick off all the lies it seems this industry is just full of liars and rampant fanboys and it sucks balls.

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