A Critique of Criticism: Have we gone too far?

GamR Mag's Christian Orkibi looks at how a culture of hate has stemmed from the gaming community, and how we as gamers may or may not be responsible. "A few weeks ago Phil Fish “quit the industry.” The developer and creator of popular indie title, “Fez”, had had enough of the negativity in the industry and said “gamers are the worst fucking people.” Ouch."

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FanboyCrusher1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

I'll be perfectly honest pertaining to Call of Duty. It's not crap because it's more of the same, it's crap because the basic, simple, and logic improvements like fixing lag, adding servers, more gametypes, improving graphics if you want, write a better story, all of these little things are missing. Instead we get stuff like MW3, or Black Ops/2 The games are complete hurricanes in terms of gameplay, no structure at all, kill streaks are complete chaos, weapons aren't even close to balanced, MP lag has gotten worse, the community is bad, and the DLC is overpriced. If Call of Duty was the "same" and they kept going from Call of Duty 4 with little tweeks like servers, and writing, it wouldn't be the turd it is today, guarantee it.

kingdip901948d ago

I agree with this, it started with guitar hero, fun game that a lot of people enjoyed then the dev realized they could release the same thing every single year just with new songs and people would buy it every singoe year for a while. 60 bucks for the same game with "updated" songs... why people supported it more than the first time is beyond me its the same with all the fps you outlined above... no idea why people support it

Maddens Raiders1948d ago

Just sit back and enjoy the ride. The human virus will kill itself off soon enough. Ironically, the internet will greatly aid in this decimation.