LE MGS4 Only Available at GameStop - Kotaku

Kotaku writes:

"While the big Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots news today might seem like the details of the standard and limited editions of the games and their price, the real news seems to be that as of today Konami is planning on selling the Limited Edition version of the game only through GameStop.

That's right, no Wal-Mart, no Target, no Best Buy, no GameCrazy.

While the release is pretty straight forward about this, saying the game will only be available in North America on June 12 through GameStop, I actually called to verify and was told that as of right now they have no plans on selling it anywhere else.. in North America. ever."

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Satanas3902d ago

Now I'm assuming this includes EB. As Gamestop owns EB.

I've the LE preordered, but living in Canada, we have no (or very few) Gamestops.

kingOVsticks3902d ago

;_; gamestop are run by evil rip off artist I get 35-40 dollars store credit but you turn around and slap a sticker on it that says $55.MONSTERS!