Tencent Made $1.24 Billion from Online Games

According to Tencent's 2013 second quarter financial report which was published today, the China's largest listed Internet Company has earned 7.6 billion yuan ($ 1.24 billion) from its online games.

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Kayant1950d ago

Oh shit.... That's crazy

ATi_Elite1950d ago

There is just NO MONEY to be made on the PC platform. I just do not understand why Devs waste their time making PC Games when you have the consoles sitting right there.

I mean $1.24 Billion is chump change especially when you have Valve, Blizzard, Nexon, AreaNet making a Billion dollars yearly as well along side AMD/Nvidia/Corsair taking in huge revenues too.

PC Gaming = NO money.

Nate4011950d ago

Now all they need to do is release Monster Hunter Online for XBox One in America. XBox needs next gen MH titles and the likes thereof. Capcom released RE Revelations for the 360, how much different could the profit margin be from MH4... Back to TEncent... their MHO game is going to be the all time greatest. XBOX ONE IT PLEASE... TGS SAY SOMETHING.

buxle1946d ago

Chinese work hard on online games, for example sometimes they publish the hacked version of an online game together with the game original provider.