Project Phoenix Interview with Hiroaki Yura

This man is promising a revolutionary new JRPG, and we sat down to talk with him about what that all is composed of.

RPGSite had a chance to discuss all things Project Phoenix with the game's lead director and producer, Hiroaki Yura. The two discuss influences, the challenges of collaborating with world-spanning talent, and advice he had received along the way. Also, fair warning: there are some really nerdy moments below

Hiroaki Yura -
"Oh, right. [laughs] You do know I am good friends with Mr. Sakaguchi? (Hironobu Sakaguchi, creator of Final Fantasy)."
"I really feel that JRPGs... to me it's about the story and how moving and how important and how profoundly it affects the players."
"We just want to prove to the world that our concept is going to work."

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DrakenSilverwing1945d ago

Heres the kickstarter, with over $400,000 pledged so far its well on its way to making its goals! i can't wait to see more of this!

The Music alone keeps me hyped up!

SilverSieryu1945d ago

Been following this as well! and can't wait for the confirmations for the ps4 and vita versions! once i get more money i'll be backing it up too. hopefully they don't run out of the Art books to quickly!