SCEA Trademarks "Helldivers", A New Unannounced PS4's First-Year Exclusive?

Last week, SCEA registered a domain name "" and now has also filed a trademark application for the name "Helldivers", is the a brand new PS4 exclusive which will be announced at upcoming gaming event GamesCom 2013?.

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sinncross1949d ago

Hell Divers?
well can't wait to see it revealed soon!

Abash1949d ago

Gamescom cant come soon enough, Helldivers definitely has my interest

Mario181949d ago

This is a stupid question, but when the hell is Gamescom?

ABeastNamedTariq1949d ago


August 21-25, I believe.

Skips1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

For some reason, I have a feeling it's this...

Keep em coming Sony!!!

sobotz1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

6 days left baby!

aaron58291949d ago

So, what could it be about ?

showtimefolks1949d ago


I think you got it right

Gamescom should be fun, especially now that MS won't be launching in many European countries, this is Sony's time to show games and make ps4 the day one buy for many European gamers who were buying Xbox one

Last years gamescom was a lot of fun, but this years should have the E3 feel

ZodTheRipper1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

This title makes me want a game with a badass character who has to protect the world by jumping down into hell and slaying all kinds of montrosities... hopefully it's at least something in this magnitude and epicness :D

christrules00411949d ago


Gamescom is August 21st to the 25th but Sonys and Microsofts conference are on the 20th

xKugo1947d ago

Lol it has your interest and you haven't even seen a trailer for it yet? You must be super hyped dude...

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Thatguy-3101949d ago

Better not be like that one vita game they announced before their e3 conference lol

dethpuck1949d ago

World war 2 plane combat game?

Fishy Fingers1949d ago

That's what I thought from the title too. Sounds like a fighter squadron.

1949d ago
JunioRS1011949d ago

Helldivers ?

I gotta be honest that doesn't sound like much of a first party exclusive haha hopefully it's something cool though.

MasterCornholio1949d ago

Sounds like a game from Sony Santa Monica or it could be an indie title as well.

Cant wait to see it.


Craigatorian1949d ago

Helldivers sounds like a violent swimming game

ShiranaiJittai1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

@Skips I think that is a sound theory and makes a lot more sense I just don't feel like that is a name Suda51 Would call his name it seems too generic.

Unless it is a code or test name? It is a partnership he formed with SCEU and Gamescom is coming up so it does make sense.

Personally what I want it to be though is.

CRIMSON SKIES COMING BACK! (one of the only games I was jealous of on xbox. The Studio shut down and Microsoft no longer owns the rights to it soooo.

Edit to clarify

Helldivers defnitely sounds to be referencing aviation of one kind or another.

I look forward to Suda51's new game whatever it is but I think it is something different. Unless Helldivers refers LITERALLY to diving into hell in which case it fits his style perfectly.

Second edit....crimson skies is definitely not possible. I just got my hopes up and started researching it. Microsoft Game Studios still owns the Intellectual Property rights. Though the original creators own the right to develop for the franchise if it was created it would be for Xbox One. I wouldn't be surprised if that is one of their mystery exclusives yet to be revealed...TT

Third edit: I am just going to shut up now because it is isn't Suda51 who partnered with SCEU just another director on the game Massimo Guarini

So now I think you are absolutely correct. I rarely ever skim articles this is why. ><

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eezo1949d ago

i really don't have any idea what exactly it is all about... but the title "Helldivers" sounds really COOL....

MRMagoo1231949d ago

im hoping its some game in same genre as treasures of the deep i think it was called, something fresh with no guns for a start would be nice.

Raiz1949d ago

oh boy.... Sony you beauty... just bring it.... your support for PS4 is the main reason why xbox fan base is shifting towards Playstation.. and yes that title "Helldivers" sounds really cool.....

sherimae24131949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

here we go again.... destiny of spirits was also trademarked by scea and ended up just a free to play game for vita....

and some ridiculous site (4chan) hype most people here, by saying its demon souls 2: destiny of spirits. lol

well lets see gamescom is just only a few days left, im hyped!!^_^

PrimeGrime1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

Agreed people need to move their hype meters down a notch. Although yes the name sounds cool, Destiny of Spirits also sounded like it could have been something really epic.

It actually looks pretty cool the more I have looked at it, I guess if you like very old traditional RPG's you won't mind Destiny of Spirits but I know those type of games right now don't have mass appeal.

Point being is the one you made, people don't want to disappoint themselves again thinking it is more than it may turn out to be. Get hyped once you have seen the actual game, keep your expectations low before then so you won't be disappointed.

I do that for anything in life really.

xKugo1947d ago

Yea, people need to turn the hype meter down a couple of notches. I know most of us are supporters of Sony and that's all well and good, but THIS type of hype only sets up for disappointment. The way the hype is right now, they would have to announce vita price cut to $150, announce like 10 new IPs(exclusive), PS4&Vita bundle, 5 new Vita AAA-titles and The Last Guardian just to meet the bar. That type of conference is absolutely ludicrous. I don't even dare dream something like that and neither should any of you lest you want your hearts broken. So chill out guys...

Thatguy-3101949d ago

Exactly Lmao the hype goes far fetch when a trademark of an announce game get filed. I hope we get Eight Days. The demo looked amazing when they showed it on the ps3.

DrRobotnik1949d ago

Haven't been this excited for a system launch since 2000.

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