BioWare tells “Straight Male Gamer” to stop his privileged bellyaching

Stevivor's Steve Wright writes, "Much like in my piece about Xbox One where I told gamers to stop bellyaching, BioWare’s done the same thing to a “Straight Male Gamer” (SMG… not to be mistaken for the actress who played Buffy, of course) who has decided to speak on behalf of most of you.

"And, granted, they never actually used the term “bellyaching,” but I’m trying to bring it back. Instead, BioWare basically just told the guy to 'get over it.'"

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yewles11951d ago

Vitriol on an article about vitriol... the cycle continues.

Godlovesgamers1951d ago

I could've done without the gay guy in ME3 hitting on me (Sheppard).

slinky1234561951d ago

I guarantee just about every girl gamer does not want to be hit on and play the game. Why should a guy want it, too? Especially if it's not what he is going for?

Godlovesgamers1951d ago

Yeah dude, seriously. I'm heterosexual, deal with it.

ravinash1951d ago

I'm sure most of us get attention at some point in our live that we do not want...but thats life.
Say no thanks and move on.
There are so many people out there, that their not all going to be like you.

nugnugs1951d ago

Thank you for having some sense

Saints941951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

You were never hit on by the gay guy unless you went through their dialogue options to go that way in the first place.

limewax1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

That's not necessarily true, Kaiden Alenko would make a pass regardless provided he was alive in your game. Go ahead and disagree but I took one small issue with this, there was literally no indication of this prior to the final half an hour of the game where he just lays it on you and asks you out, when your about to go sacrifice yourself to save the world.

It just made no sense in the context, no problem with the characters sexuality at all but Bioware suck at creating believable gay characters.

Saints941951d ago

I wouldn't know. I usually killed him off because he was boring as a character and only had him with a femshep.

Even if he asks you could just say no and keep going toward the unsatisfying ending and showed you that your choices never made a difference.

Roccetarius1951d ago

The picture used is a perfect example of what i dislike. R.I.P Anders, you were a more interesting character in DA: O.

kelsor1951d ago

1. It's Shepard.
2. I rarely find the people hitting on me in game attractive. But do you know what, it would probably be weird if I was salivating over pixels that were trying to bang me in-game.

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DaGR8JIBRALTAR1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

these days...seems like it's a crime to be straight.

stevivor1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

No, but it should be a crime to talk and think down on people who don't happen to be straight, white or male, seemingly. Keep bigotry alive, mate.

Blacktric1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Don't forget to to tell him to check his privilege while you're at it. Oh and you also forgot to call him a scum like most of the tumblr feminists keen on doing on a regular basis.

"Keep bigotry alive, mate"

So just because the guy questioned the way you wrote the article, or at least the title of it, you brand him a bigot? Jesus christ you white knighting/white male shamers are the goddamn worst.

Oh and on topic; The problem with some people have regarding recent Bioware games is how they write the characters and then shoehorn the sexuality into the games. A big chunk of the followers either end up being only gay or bisexual rather than being fleshed out characters with their own choices. It's all pandering at this point and no different than what EA tried to to with the video they've released during the International Day Against Homophobia (could be wrong about the name of the day).

kelsor1951d ago

Blacktric, the problem with storyline/character cohesion is completely irrelevant to this conversation. If someone was being racist and then you started talking about the price of shoe polish it would garner a similar result.

Some people are very forceful of their opinion on both sides of the fence. Both are jerks. Most people sit on the nice rational side though. You and your mate "DaGR8djfewkl" (seriously, wat) aren't in the rational zone.

Blacktric1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

When you bring the non existent bullshit argument of "white male privilege" into something like this while branding people who don't agree with you as "bigots", the line between what's relevant and what's not tends to disappear I'm afraid. Should've seen all this coming when the author called David Gaider, a man who loves reading Twilight, as legend while basing all of this on a forum post that was submitted 2 years ago and got its due back then.

" You and your mate "DaGR8djfewkl" (seriously, wat) aren't in the rational zone."

It's good to hear such nice things from someone who joined one hour ago and been posting exclusively to this "newspiece" ever since.

Shane Kim1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Not that I'm against homosexuality, but if you say anything negative about it, it's like you're from the stone age and everybody gets all butthurt, forgetting that only 50 years ago homosexuality was a paraphilia.
Yes, they bunched homosexuals together with pedophiles, necrophiles and so on.

Edit: Guess we have one butthurt here, didn't even take 10 mins.

stevivor1951d ago

When's the last time a gay man criticised a game for having heterosexual relationships? Live and let live, man. That's all I ask.

Shane Kim1951d ago

Never. You have never criticised that. However, I'm not talking about a fantasy relationship in a videogame. I'm talking about how mad homosexuals in general become if you somehow happen to have a different opinion about homosexuals. And that goes for many straight people too, who think you're some kind of demon just because you don't share opinion.

ravinash1951d ago

That all depends on your criticism really as to how they or anyone will respond.

kelsor1951d ago

We've also only recently evolved from classing Indigenous as Flora and Fauna but we don't use that as a thinly veiled disguise for our racism. This is 2013.

Christopher1951d ago

***forgetting that only 50 years ago homosexuality was a paraphilia.***

Forgetting that before the Bible, it was common for men in power to have and take young boys to bed on a regular basis. Those young boys also being their apprentices. This was seen as normal during Greek and Roman times

Times change based on the surviving general thought, which at that time was the growth of Christianity. As Christianity is waning in numbers, it's only natural that some thoughts would change as well.

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Godlovesgamers1951d ago

I couldn't agree more. Its like they want to guilt trip you if you don't want to go along with the gay agenda.

MestreRothN4G1951d ago

Nothing to see here.

It's just Bioware trying to make news again now that no one cares about them anymore.

Way to go, BW. Can't wait to see obligatory microtransactions for reusing reused dungeons in your next dumbed down game. Yeah, the market punishes...

Christopher1951d ago

How is Bioware making news here by responding to a user on their forums? It's not like they published this to N4G themselves or posted it as a press release or something.

This is the gaming community making this news, not Bioware.

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