BioWare Talks PC and Next-Gen Development, Life After Mass Effect and Indie Vs AAA - AusGamers

AusGamers recently spoke with Dragon Age: Inquisition producer, Cameron Lee, about a host of topics related to BioWare game development as well as his personal thoughts on next-gen possibilities and indie vs Triple-A development.

From the interview:

Cameron: "For me personally, and I know the always-online stuff can be really troublesome for particular groups, but it was one area that you could probably do some really good stuff with it. But if the infrastructure around the world in some countries doesn’t support it, well then you need to actually look at that and say “Ok, well we can’t do that”. Hopefully at some point -- it could be 10 years from now -- when it actually is good enough, so the military can have their connections all the time, and everyones got good stable connections, we’d probably be able to do some great stuff."

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cootdog1231947d ago

Life after Mass Effect I know they said that that was it but I bet it isn't.

starchild1947d ago

They've already said they are working on another Mass Effect game.

1947d ago