Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn: You Got Theme Park in My Sandbox

MMORPG: "The discussion ever rages about whether or not any MMO these days can be classified as a sandbox or a theme park. In today's Eorzea Reborn, we take a look at aspects of both that are present in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn."

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InTheZoneAC1943d ago

I was going to give this game a chance....then I realized it was pay per month which is just stupid in this day and age of gaming...

NegativeCreepWA1943d ago

And you clearly don't know what you're talking about, f2p ruins great mmos. Bad communities and worthless in game economies are what you end up with.

You can buy it on the PS3 for $40 get a free month, pay for 2 months and still be under the cost of a regular game. In that amount of time, you can decided whether or not it's worth the price.

Soulscare1943d ago

Exactly. Pay $40 and you can be done with the story within your first month, that's a better rate than any other game around.

But paying monthly guarantees content updates regularly... Anything is better than an in game store.

Sideras1943d ago

@Soulscare, dunno about it guaranteeing regular content updates. WoW has a subscription and they are coming out with less content updates than GW2 is, which is buy to play.

GW2 has it's issues (or had) but it has nothing to do with it being buy 2 play.

It mostly comes down to how they make the game, pure and simple wheter f2p or sub. If I'm going to pay a subscription I want to know that the game has more than enough content from the get go.

Baka-akaB1943d ago

I have yet to seen one f2p mmo being on par with the best sub based ones .

Dont tell me Guild Wars , it was never f2p , and created pretty much its own thing by being a game you actually purchase , alongside the expansions, but dont pay subs for .

And let's even less mention once sub based mmo turned f2p , as those usually did it when falling out of favor and out of necessity .

None of those game would be of the same caliber and level of quality of they were actually designed as f2p .

Someday it probably will , but right now f2ps are just lesser games

NegativeCreepWA1943d ago

They way Guild Wars 2 was handled is the perfect way to do a none monthly fee game,I would still be playing it if the classes actually had real roles in parties.

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smokysmoke1943d ago

Cheap Prick... if you want a successful MMO then you have to pay.. get over it or go play some CRAP free one that will die.

InTheZoneAC1943d ago

lol, how is paying for the game being cheap?

I'm fine with spending $60 for a game, just like I'm fine with all my games being digital...not caring about reselling later...

but to spend $15 a month on a game, ridiculous.

maybe if I only played just this game it wouldn't be a big deal, but I spend my game time on lots of games, not one.

learn to quit putting words in my mouth, never once did I say I want a free mmo

smokysmoke1943d ago

Well, I mean you always pay for a game. Nothing in this world if free, do you think maintenance for servers are free? if you rent space on a server you pay and if you want fast content you pay, I don't know why people complain about paying a fee.. like I said before if you cant afford it then don't play? don't post all over saying a game is bad cause you have to pay.

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NegativeCreepWA1943d ago

Speaking of theme parks, they plan on bringing the Gold Saucer into the game in the future.

gamernova1943d ago

Playing this tomorrow morning. Phase 4 baby :)

Azmatik1943d ago

Me to cant wait!! Its such a good game :) join me on leviathan server ppl

smokysmoke1943d ago

OHH YEAAA, ill be there :)

smokysmoke1943d ago

CANT WAIT! People who B*tch about a MMO they have to pay for have be the dumbest gamers EVER? why would you even want play a crappy free to play game? name ONE that is free to play that is even good? none! cause I mostly played them all to when they were P2P and went F2P now they suck! Why do you think 7.5 Mil people still play WOW? its still P2P.... if you want to have a successful MMO, even NOW A DAYS! then u must pay! if you cant afford 15$ a month then don't play you cheap pricks lol.

NegativeCreepWA1943d ago

Good thing Square Enix is only needing 400,000 subscribers to keep FFxiv going, And Yoshi P stated, he would shut the game down before going f2p.

Anyways time to pass out, so I can wake up at 2 to start playing before work.