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GTA V: Exact GTA Online Reveal Timing Revealed by Rockstar Games

Today is August 15, the reveal day of GTA V multiplayer portion titled as "GTA Online". Rockstar Games has promised to release first official GTA Online gameplay video and previews today.

But does anyone knows, exactly at what time GTA Online reveal will happen? (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Xbox 360)

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ABeastNamedTariq  +   745d ago
9:45 AM for me, I'll be ready and rapidly refreshing R*'s website.
The_Infected  +   745d ago
Where is the best places to watch this live?
Jeff257  +   745d ago
It isn't a live announcement. Just Rockstar releasing videos on their website and most likely also on youtube.
vishmarx  +   745d ago
reveal time reveal hype
The_Infected  +   745d ago
It's sad you get disagrees when asking a question. Lol
ZodTheRipper  +   744d ago
^Why sad? I for one don't need to "watch it live", that's why I disagreed with his question. It's not like the game launches tomorrow, I'll probably watch it as soon as I got back from work but I don't understand why people feel the need to watch it live, it's just a trailer.
Dee_91  +   744d ago
oh so that was posted yesterday because isnt this the video?

Hellsvacancy  +   744d ago
Awesome, a live stream multiplayer reveal I actually care to see
TrevorPhillips  +   745d ago | Helpful
The Times when the GTAV online gameplay releases:

Germany 4PM (Berlin Time)
Grece 5PM (Athens time)
Egypt 4PM (Cairo Time)
France 4PM ( Paris Time)
Italy 4PM (Rome Time)
Romania 5PM (Bucharest Time)
Spain 4PM (Madrid time)
United Kingdom 3PM (London Time)
Ukraine 5PM (Kiev time)
Russia 6PM (Moscow time)
Netherlands 4PM (Amsterdam time)
Poland 4PM (Warsaw time)
Turkey 5PM (Ankara time)
Cyprus 5PM (Nicosia time)
Portugal 3PM (Lisbon time)
Bulgaria 5PM (Sofia time)
Croatia 4PM (Zagreb time)
Moldova 5PM (Chisinau time)
Canada 10AM (Toronto and Ontario time)
Ireland 3PM (Dublin time)
Brazil 11AM (Sao Paulo time)
Chile 10AM (Santiago time)
China 10AM (Beijing time)
Japan 11AM ( Tokyo time)
Colmbia 9AM (Bogota time)
Iceland 2PM (Reykjavik time)
Cuba 10AM (Havana time)
Norway 4PM (Oslo time)
Finland 5PM (Helsinki time)
Australia 00:00 (Sydney and New South Wales time)
New Zealand 2AM (Auckland time)
India 7:30PM (New Delhi ,Mumbai and Calcutta time)
Iran 6:30PM (Tehran time )
Sotuh Africa 4PM ( Johannesburg time)
Sweden 4PM (Stockholm time)
Lithuania 5PM (Vilnius time)
Hungary 4PM (Budapest time)
Slovakia 4PM (Bratislava time)
Austria 4PM (Vienna time)
Slovenia 4PM (Ljubljana)
Switzerland 4PM (Zurich time)
Serbia 4PM (Belgrade time)
Saudi Arabia 5PM (Riyadh and Mecca time)
South Korea 11PM (Seoul time)
North Korea 11PM (Pyongyang time)
Mexico 9AM (Mexico City time)
Bermuda 11AM (Hamilton time)
Macedonia 4PM (Skopje time)
Iraq 5PM (Baghdad time)
Argentina 11AM (Buenos Aires time)
Peru 9AM (Lima time)
Kazakhstan 8PM (Almaty time)
Indonesia 9AM (Jakarta time)
California 7AM (Los Angeles ,San Francisco ,San Diego and Sacramento time)
New York 10AM
Pakistan 7-8PM
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FRAKISTAN  +   745d ago
tell for Pakistan also
Zichu  +   745d ago
Cheers, 3PM for me. Looks like I will be here to watch it :D
Captain_Mushroom  +   745d ago
Cheers. I always have a hard time figuring out the time zones :)
Salooh  +   745d ago
1PM in bahrain :P ..
24:12:14s left lol
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vishmarx  +   745d ago
funny,, only like 4 hrs for me..
ape007  +   745d ago

we are your neighbors in KSA, peace and love to everybody in Bahrain....

5PM Jeddah Time :D
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Salooh  +   745d ago
I saw tomorrow and i guessed lol XD
Love you guys in saudia :D
JetsFool3500  +   745d ago
Would Have Been Less Writing If You Just Put Up Time Zones But Thanks Anyway
DoomeDx  +   745d ago
Would Have Been Less Annoying If You Didnt Put Capital Letters At The Beginning Of Every World.

Seriously whats up with that?
sephiroth420  +   744d ago
lol thank you very much
FlyingFoxy  +   745d ago
64+ players for the PC version please R*, don't give us lame watered down crap like GTA IV was.. we want a fully featured huge MP with custom game modes like SA-MP.

With a map like V has, it deserves to be huge in the multiplayer department.
TrevorPhillips  +   745d ago
Just wait patiently my friend, they will eventually announce a PC version
limewax  +   744d ago
Supposedly the game will behave more like and MMO....soooooo there may not be a player count as such
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seanpitt23  +   744d ago
It's not coming to pc just like red dead but it will come on next gen consoles next year.
Corpser  +   744d ago
Yeah sure where's my San Andreas HD on current gen consoles?
BattleReach  +   745d ago
Reading this while playing IV Free Roam with some friends.. can't wait to see V Online!
holdmyown83  +   745d ago
I need to know and can't wait. Because I wanna know if I need to go ahead and get saints row 4
JetsFool3500  +   745d ago
Saints Row Is Nowhere Near Good Enough To Be Mentioned With GTA
ZodTheRipper  +   744d ago
Saint's Row looks like a pretty good game to me. Though I'm not planning on buying it like GTA.
limewax  +   744d ago
Ignore this guy and buy what you want. I have SR4 pre-ordered on Steam and GTAV pre-ordered on PS3. Both will no doubt be fun even if GTAV is the better game.

By this guys logic you shouldn't have bought any other games this gen since you only needed GTAV
bub16  +   745d ago
3pm UK time
stage88  +   745d ago
3pm for me!
Nekroo91  +   744d ago
so many guys waiting for 3pm i have no idea if theyre from UK or Portugal
Obamanationn  +   744d ago
im readyyy
Thatmattkid  +   744d ago
It looks fantastic. I'm guessing it's 32 players in a per game.
CarnageXB  +   744d ago
16 players on the whole map. And I though finding players on the gta 4 map was hard.
jairusmonillas  +   744d ago
Is that official? only 16? wow.. im very disappointed.
CarnageXB  +   743d ago
@jairusmonillas yes its official. I was hoping for at least 32 aswell. Maybe when it gets released for the xbox one and ps4
SSJBen  +   744d ago
Aleithian  +   744d ago
I REALLY need R* to reveal whether this is coming to next gen. Because if it's not, I've got an order to place.
Zancruz  +   744d ago
Go check youtube! I saw it, Online play looks and sounds awesome... GTA5 keeps getting better and better! Can't wait!!
Godz Kastro  +   744d ago
Dag, this game can hurt next gen sales not vice versa as some have stated...

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