Xbox One Controller: All Smoke and Mirrors or Bells and Whistles?

With all of the hullabaloo and controversy of the Xbox One, Microsoft has spent months on intense PR to try to save face. With the hopes of gaining popularity amongst gamers, and to try to get up to par with PS4, Xbox has revealed the onslaught of video games that will bring the Xbox One to life. However, on August 12, 2013, Xbox’s youtube channel revealed something on everyone’s mind – the new and improved controller!

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GamingAngelGabriel1944d ago

I'm actually optimistic about the system now that the changes have been made, and the controller to me, while definitely catering to shooters, looks pretty impressive. Provided that they're used by developers, the rumble in the triggers could add another layer of immersion. Man, I hate using that word.

badboy7761944d ago

360 only stayed alive this gen because of the PS3's starting price. Nothing else!!!! NOt the superior online,The games,Controller etc.... The price thats it! NOw that the PS4 isn't as highly priced as the PS3 launch price was Microsoft and the Xbox One are Doomed.

theWB271944d ago

That's right because we all know the PS3 is outselling the 360 in every territory as we speak. False..there are territories where Xbox will never sell and why the Xbox will never outsell the PS worldwide. But in the places the Xbox brand sells outsells PS. It's still beating the PS in the states.

The PS3's price has been lowered for quite some time so in terms of your silly logic the PS3 should have obliterated the 360 this gen...especially with all the help from the extra territories.

headblackman1944d ago

not at all. they both had setbacks. the ps3 had a high price tag and an unforgiving architecture. the Xbox 360 had the rrod. bother major setbacks that hindered the sales of both consoles, so don't act like its been some cakewalk for Microsoft. they had to work twice as hard than Sony. not only did they have the rrod, but they had Japans bias asses choosing to only buy Japanese products to keep Japanese currency in Japan (smart move. I wonder why we as americans can't be smart enough to do the same).

killcole1944d ago

Funny how even with the free game PS+ service, more people still have XBL Gold if that truly is the case.

kennyg37391944d ago

I've been on n4g for 6+ years and that might be the dumbest most ridiculous comment I've read on here.

Enate1944d ago

@theWB27 Honestly given the daily stupidity of the people in the united states the country I live in. I have honestly come to find they usually make some of the worst shopping decisions in the world, just saying. Most of the people I ask why they purchased said tech have some of the dumbest reason ever. An don't even get me started on the people I ask why they purchased said phone. Just down right sad absolutely no actual thought outside of its pretty or ... Call of duty.

ElementX1944d ago

@kennyg if you've been here for 6+ years why did you just register that username 79 days ago? Do you have multiple accounts or something? You can't tell me you've just been reading articles and browsing for all that time without commenting on anything. Looking on my profile you'll see I joined 30 Aug 2006, just shy of 7 years! Damn has it really been that long?

Dee_Cazo1944d ago

17.3 million more sales in North America begs to tell you that you don't understand what consumers want.

Legion211943d ago

Lets say that was true. Do you actually think Microsoft would be doomed? Their pockets run very deep. With that being said the 360 is selling better in US, not sure about anywhere else, than the PS3 right now. I'd say say Microsoft is in a pretty good position right now.

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darthv721944d ago

the evolution of the xb1 controller seems to be for the better. just like how sony made improvements with each iteration of the dual shock.

the biggest thing for me is comfort. If they improved the comfort (which it looks like they did) then no doubt this will be another great controller to use.

not many know this but back before the original dual shock there was a dual analog controller sony made. it is model scph-1180 and if you look at it, there are some similarities between it and the new dual shock 4. Especially the hand grips and the thumbsticks. those two changes right there, sony never addressed in any of the previous dual shock designs.

its like sony went back and saw the things that made the dual analog such a comfortable controller and brought them forward to the DS4. When you figure you are going to be holding a controller for several hours, comfort should be the main priority above even the practical usefulness.

both next gen controllers are going to be good for prolonged play. Now if i can only get my hands on these things.....come on november.

Legion211943d ago

You have the most bubbles I've ever seen… lol

AngelicIceDiamond1944d ago

The X1 controller sounds like a Mad Catz creation that everyone thought they wanted. MS will make sure we want this thing and it'll actually work (unlike Mad Catz)

timmcgee1944d ago

I agree. And I am an Xbox fan. While I'm not a Halo addict, I still think the distinct features in this controller could make the game play of not only fps more enjoyable, but adventure and fantasy games as well.

spaceg0st1944d ago

yea... considering the fact that my friends and i have jumped ship to the ps4... i'm kind of hoping it's NOT. ;)

i loved my 360 controller way more than my ps3 controller, so i'm hoping the DS4 is as good as everyone claims it is. If the xbone's new triggers are really cool, that'd be a hard one to swallow.

GamingAngelGabriel1944d ago

Two good controllers is a good thing for the consumer.

spaceg0st1944d ago

obviously, my point was that i hope it's not a game changer because regretting my decision to switch would suck, and i would feel like i was missing out.

Transporter471944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

@spaceg0st rumble on triggers that feature is not a game changer...

@gman0173I . Touchpad > Trigger Vibration, that's more innovative but not a game changer do you see my point.

1944d ago
CRAIG6671944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Just get both systems man, don't miss out and certainly don't become one of the single sided fanboys that this site is famous for.

1944d ago
Mystogan1944d ago

You know Microsoft is a master at making controllers. They have been making comfort keyboards and mouses for years. It's only natural the next Xbox controller is going to be perfect.

You should have known better.

And why exactly did you guys jump ship.

Now that so many things changed, The X1 can do everything the PS4 can and much more.

spaceg0st1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

main reasons we jumped ship...

1-Better Spec-ed console for $100 cheaper. Maybe it won't make a difference, but with consoles having 7-8 year lifespans, it might. 15min DVR, party systems, crossgame chat, download and play options, and the pscamera is still and unknown factor.

2-Ps Plus... the value which Sony rewards the gamers with is comical. For $10 cheaper a year, sony GIVES/RENTS/WHATEVER SOOO many big named games that i wouldn't purchase, but at least want to play through. Not only that, but my friends and i purchase maybe 1-2 of the same games a year, so all these free games allows us to game together more often. I mean seriously, look at the list of free* games all in the first year (since they've added HITMAN, BF3, Uncharted3, LBP Karting, XCOM) ....

3-BIG concern was controller, BUT most hands on stuff i've read and watched say it's on par with the 360... so i'm at peace with that. I hated the ds3 and loved my 360 controller.

4-Value... i LOVED my 360 and way preferred gaming on it over the ps3... BUT... times have changed. Sony has shown me that they WANT my business and will reward me for it. All microsoft ever offered in return for the $60/year membership was online gaming, party system/chat, and access to things like netflix.

So what exactly is microsoft offering this gen? Exclusives? maybe. I'm honestly more interested in microsoft's exclusives at the moment, but over time with the 360, they stopped trying. HALO, GEARS and FORZA. That's it. And i could care LESS about halo or gears... sure it was cool years ago, but its a dead horse that's still being beaten. Sony has introduced unique titles like MLB the show, UNCHARTED series, HEAVY RAIN, The Last of US (amazing experience btw), Infamous...etc.

I'm still buying both consoles, but my circle of friends aren't as fortunate.... so we're choosing one. And we're going with the smarter decision. The guys i know going XBone are only going because of loyalty to the brand.

A brand that has since flip flopped so many decisions that SOMEONE decided were the right ones initially. DRM? Gung ho defensive in the beginning. "just wait, just wait, it's the future"... well not really, as they reversed that. Headset included with console? Nah... Gamers can use the mandatory Kinect.... oh wait, reversed.... kinect required for console to function? "It gives developers unique opportunities for gaming"... reversed again.

Not a whole lot of faith in their decision making thus far. But like i said, i'm still getting both, it'll just be my number 2. And we all like a good number 2. ;D

Legion211943d ago

I'd agree with this. I own a ps3 and 360, and whenever I use the DS3 my hands begin to crap after an hour. The 360's controller is just a lot more comfortable to me.

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Insomnia_841944d ago

Here’s what I can say though. With the new One controller, they have added a lot of tech into such a tiny shell"

Considering what he said in the article, I don't know where he got that from.

GreenRanger1944d ago

Smoke, Mirrors, Bells, Whistles, and a pair of AA Batteries.

theWB271944d ago

Yeah cause we all know how using AA batteries makes controlling a game so much harder...oh wait -_-

RytGear1944d ago

It is 2013... they should not be there..

FlunkinMonkey1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

it's certainly more inconvenient and more expensive, hence why most household appliances use charge now. even if you have rechargeable batteries, you still need to buy a charger and the original batteries, that, or walk to the shop and buy batteries fortnightly.

and i don't want to hear about how the DS3 will run out of charge and you have to replace it, i've had the same controller since launch, and it still charges sweetly.

gaelic_laoch1944d ago

It makes gaming impossible if you run out of AA juice and you start pulling AA's out of remotes, torches and whatever else uses the fecking things!

1944d ago
sAVAge_bEaST1944d ago

Tubed acid, or the elegance of Lithium Ion, .??

From charge speed, to charge hold, Lithium Ion Batteries or so superior to AA's it's not even funny,. not to mention contribution to waste.

Rhinoceros1944d ago

The old recharge batteries didn't know when to stop charging, resulting in very poor battery life. I hope this will be fixed.

ShwankyShpanky1944d ago


The internet's Dollar Store:

10ft+ cables: <$2

PFFT1944d ago

Micro-USB cable Nuff said.

tigertom531943d ago

Xbox One has WiFi Direct 20x the Bandwidth. I will save 40 bucks on a Wireless headphones, all I will have to do is plug it in the the Xbox One controller... :) Keep Your Bluetooth and Non Replaceable Recharge Controller...

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ConwayGritty1944d ago

Yes it has batteries! I'm not a xbox fan boy and I much!!! Rather batteries
It sure beats sitting 3 feet away from the TV with the cable Sony provides and going blind waiting for the Controller to charge while you game.

Listen I think they both have there pros and cons that and if you think I'm wrong then the sky is red.

adorie1944d ago

The extra rumble gonna drain those double A batteries.
I better grab a charge kit for the Bone controller I pre-ordered, sometime today.

FarCryLover1821944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

The grips on the controller look uncomfortable to me. I'm sure they're not, but they just look that way to me.

PFFT1944d ago

I guess when you have girly-man hands this would be the case.

FarCryLover1821943d ago

I don't have girly-man hands.

PFFT1943d ago

lol im just kidding dude.

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