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DarkStation: "With surprises around every corner, Saints Row IV stands head and shoulders above previous games in the series and is a shining jewel in the open world genre."

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Maddens Raiders1946d ago

This game is really starting to get my attention.

Septic1946d ago

After the massive backlash against the game, the reviews sure have silenced the naysayers.

I'm pleasantly surprised although at the same time, I miss what Saints Row 1 and 2 brought to the table.

KonsoruMasuta1946d ago

Eh, this games still looks like it will never amount to the greatness SR2 had. I'm still waiting for SR2 to get a true sequel.

AusRogo1946d ago

Saints Row 2 was awesome but everyone is making out like it was the greatest..

KonsoruMasuta1946d ago

@Aus, it was the greatest SR game. Anything after it is trash.