This is the ultra high end PC that’ll power Battlefield 4 at GamesCom

DICE has revealed the ultra high end PC that will power Battlefield 4 at GamesCom later this month.

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latincooker2141947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

i want to see what it looks like on the PS4. do you guys think will see it running on the PS4 at GAMESCOM at all???

Zephyrnix1947d ago

Judging from what I’m reading. We’re looking at a AMD FX-8350 4.0GHz 8-Core Processor, so including everything you posted. The price of this PC would stand somewhere just under $2,000.

Not bad actually.

modesign1947d ago

You get the same result with a $400 ps4

SonyPS41947d ago

PS4 doesn't have a 4.0GHz 8-Core Processor...

FlyingFoxy1947d ago

PS4's cpu is clocked lower, and less performance than an Intel chip at the same clock speeds.

Zephyrnix1947d ago

No. you don't get the same results with a PS4. Don't fool yourself.

The PS4 will first off, have a mobile processor isn't isn't as strong as this processor.. I don't even need to go on after that.

Besides, what does that ahve to do with this conversation?

NarooN1947d ago

PS4 will have nice specs for what it is.

But it won't compare to this rig.

PS4 has a slower CPU with a low clock speed because of HSA. The CPU will be used for the most basic of things. However, because the games will be multi-threaded, you don't really need a super-high IPC for basic things like A.I. and positions of objects on the map, etc. The GPU will handle the visual things, the textures, the usual, as well as physics, taking nice loads off the CPU.

But no, the PS4 won't get you the "same result" as a ~$2000+ gaming rig. You pay for what you get most of the time.

josephayal1947d ago

in general the PS4 Is better

Perjoss1947d ago

"You get the same result with a $400 ps4"

But you get nowhere near as many exclusives as you get on the PC.

1946d ago
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Netic1947d ago

4,000$ ...LOL these articles...Judging from those specs its not over 2000$.

As for "modesign" comment : No you don't get the same results with a 400$ PS4. It can't run this game at 60fps with 2560x1440 resolution,4x AA and 16x AF ultra settings.

Sorry but you get what you pay for

modesign1947d ago

So ea designed bf4 specifically for a 4k PC. For $4k I'm gonna want the game to have maps the size of states and 5k npc' s on screen

Zephyrnix1947d ago

Are you not listening? He just said judging from the specs, it own't be over $2000...which is exactly like I posted.

Don't fall so hard for the Sony propaganda dude. Sonys (and microsofts) NEXT Gen, is PCs, Last Gen.

And unlike consoles, we're not limited to Resolutions for Frames Per second. I'd invest in a gaming rig if I we're you. This rig they're talking about will set you back about 2k. And LORD knows the gamers are way cheaper on PC. I just got 6 games today for $5. One of them was Battlefield 3. You can't go wrong with that bro'ham.

modesign1947d ago

@zeph. I would have to see how planet side2 runs on the ps4. If its shit then I will invest in a PC.

Hate to be a buzz kill but publishers are going to invest in what they feel will get them most bang for their buck and so far its consoles.

Murad1947d ago

Awesome, they are using a Corsair C70 Vengence.

Truehellfire1947d ago

Noticed that too. Corsair is probably my favorite case maker. Rocking their Obsidian 650D myself.

Murad1947d ago

Nice. I just looked up that case just now. It's definitely a nice buy and reminds me slightly of the R4 by Fractal. What's your specs man? Are you going full lighting with LED's or just keeping it simple and clean?

Truehellfire1947d ago

i7-2600k @ 4.4ghz
GTX 780
2x OCZ Vertex 3 SSD (Raid 0)

No LEDS and kept it clean and simple. That's the main reason I went with the 650D also.

joe901946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

I have the same Case but in Military Green

i7-3770k OC
16Gb RAM
AMD 7970 OC
128 SSD
Corsiar H100 Extreme Water Cooling
Corsair 750WT PSU
Asus P8Z77-V LX2 MOBO
Neon Blue Fans (just Added,Changing as look Crap)
LG 24" 3D Monitor
Roccat Kave Headset
Plantronic Wireless Headset
Roccat Kone+ mouse
R8 Keyboard.

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