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Opinion: Why Exclusive Games Suck

OnlySP - "With the recent console war going on between the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, one of the main arguments for defending the Xbox One revolves around the exclusive games it will be offering. Games such as Halo 5, Titan Fall, and my favorite Killer Instinct are predicted to be major hits for the Xbox Oneā€¦but is it necessarily a good thing to limit these games to just one system? I will ultimately show that games need not be exclusive to a specific console and that it should be left to the player to decide." (PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

USA007  +   618d ago
So exclusives suck because they're exclusive?

That's what I got from this...
aaron5829  +   618d ago
hmmm.. the only time i felt exclusives suck is when i got to play Forza Horizon.. and man, how i wish i have a 360. Damn it.
mewhy32  +   618d ago
Exclusives suck???? Did anyone notice the pic on this post? Killer Instinct LOL.
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ZBlacktt  +   618d ago
Thanks for saving me the time....moving on, lol.
starchild  +   618d ago
I fully agree with the author. I would prefer all games to be multiplatform games.

Imagine if we had to buy 8 different models of Blu-ray player just to play all of our favorite movies, simply because certain movies were exclusive to certain models of Blu-ray players. I would hate that.

Unfortunately that is the current reality we deal with in gaming.

Exclusives can obviously be great games in and of themselves, but the fact that they are exclusive to one platform does nobody any good except for the platform holders themselves who are trying to get people to buy into their platform.
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Jeff257  +   618d ago
That is the whole point of exclusives. They are made to help sell the platform they are on. They also generally help show the strengths of the platform they were designed for. If it weren't for exclusives then one company would pretty much have full access to how we game and going by what Microsoft had tried to do that would be a very bad thing.
j-blaze  +   618d ago
ps3 exclusives developed by western first party studios are overrated to death imho
GutZ31  +   618d ago
I think of exclusives as forcing evolution in gaming.
This doesn't always take place, as copying happens more often than not.
But even when copy catting, you still get innovation over time.
Gaming has come a long way since the days of pong.
memots  +   618d ago
Exclusive suck because of fanboy, they just won't shut up about it. It's like per-school all over. My marble are bigger than yours
ghostrider32  +   618d ago
Exclusives don't suck. The people that enjoy rubbing it in your face suck.
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ABeastNamedTariq  +   618d ago
Exclusive games push the limits of a system because they don't have another system to worry about (see: The Last of Us). They also drive console sales. Halo? Smash Bros.? Uncharted (GOW, etc.)? System sellers. They're good for the industry. You always have to have something to brag about these days :P lol.
PositiveEmotions  +   618d ago
Well i for one first look for info about a game before i buy it and if i like what i see than i will get it
Tiqila  +   618d ago
exclusives dont suck. They are mostly superior than other games and I think I would play more pc if there wasnt such great console exclusives.

What multiplat games can match Uncharted, GoW, The last of us, little big planet, any nintendo exclusive game, gran turismo or some of the better halo games?

Exclusives are the salt of the earth. Im not looking forward to play Call of Duty on my shiny new PS4!
starchild  +   618d ago
You are so biased. There are lots of amazing multiplatform games and it is sad that you are missing out on them just because you have some irrational notion that exclusives are so much better.

Naughty Dog is an awesome developer and their games are truly great, but they would still be awesome if they were making games for more than one console.

And personally I enjoyed Castlevania Lords of Shadow more than GOW3 or GOW Ascension. It has a much better narrative, a longer more substantial campaign, equally good gameplay, better exploration and platforming, looks even more beautiful to me (although the God of War games are drop dead gorgeous as well) and has a better musical score.

Anyway, there are definitely some amazing exclusives, but there are far more multiplats than exclusives and that means that there are also far more amazing multiplats than amazing exclusives.
Hicken  +   618d ago
But multiplat devs never get the time or opportunity to pull the most potential out of a console.

Only exclusive devs can do that.

So while Naughty Dog would still make some pretty good games if they were multiplat, there's no way their games would be as highly lauded, because they wouldn't have the time and resources to do the same.

There ARE far more multiplats than exclusives, but when it comes to amazing titles, the ratio is far better on the exclusive side. Yes, there will be some great multiplats, but it's virtually unheard of that the best multiplats of any given generation are better than the best exclusives.

Not to mention: there'd be little reason to get any one console over another. What would be the point, if all the games were the same on every platform?

Sorry, but I can't agree with you... mostly because you're wrong.
Tiqila  +   617d ago

I'm not playing exclusives only, if that is what you think. Recently I played final fantasy 6. I also totally enjoyed GTA IV and Red dead redemption, Tetris, ...

The thing is, if there werent exclusive games that really kick ass, like the ones I meantioned above, I could also stick to my PC, which is a beast. Games I play on PC are mostly PC exclusives, like

Dota, HoN, SCII, WCIII, DiabloII & III, lately also Bioshock Infinite (multiplat).

You see, I play multiplat, but I love exclusives and would always take any resistance/halo or killzone game over call of duty. My favorite shooter though is Metroid Prime on my gamecube.

What sony/ms adventure game beats Zelda? There just is none and that one is exclusive too. It would not exist if it were multiplat, then it would be like the cod games, first two iterations were awesome and then it got mainstream. Since it is exclusive it has to be more than that, it has to stand out to convince people to buy not only the game, but the console too...
gamernova  +   618d ago
Exclusive content sells consoles. I know tons of people who stick to Xbox because of the timed exclusivity they have with cod.
GenericNameHere  +   618d ago
Xbox only gets TIMED exclusive content, not exclusive content that can only be found on Xbox. But I guess if you don't want to wait a month for it, I guess good for them.
flappersack  +   618d ago
Exclusives make the machine! Each of the big 3 machines have great exclusives to offer too.
bjmartynhak  +   618d ago
Oh man, this guy is probably an Xbot fan that doesn't realize that exclusives can be produced in-house.

Gears, Halo, Alan Wake, Ryse...
Last of Us, God of War, Little Big Planet, Killzone

So, can't he really see the difference?
Deadpool616  +   618d ago
I just wish Rare was bought by a 3rd party company instead of Microsoft. They bought Rare and didn't utilize them like Nintendo did back in the 1990's. Rare was put in a dark corner for years. Seeing Killer Instinct come back is great and I'm glad Microsoft is finally utilizing Rare's franchises. Then again, seeing it Exclusive to a system that's having difficulty steadying itself [for various reasons] takes away from some of the excitement.

Exclusives are good when they're not 3rd party exclusives that don't particularly show off the systems capabilities. If it's going to be exclusive it better show us why it's exclusive and not just be a company cash grab.
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gnothe1  +   618d ago
when MS bought rare..they basically bought a NAME because most of the original rare staff left...
ALLWRONG  +   618d ago
Exclusives only suck to those who don't have it but want to play it.
mrmarx  +   618d ago
coke or crack what one are you on?
elda  +   618d ago
I love exclusives for the system I own.
beepbopadoobop  +   618d ago
exclusives create competiton between develpoers and consoles, competition pushes boundaries and prevents complacancy, the worst thing to come from exclusives is if you want one so bad that you have to go out and buy another console, and thats hardly a bad thing, not if your a gamer.
_LarZen_  +   618d ago
Exclusive games usually push the limits of the console as they do not need to spread out their developer team for multiple platforms.

That is why some of the best games on any system are exclusive games.
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iceman06  +   618d ago
Not only that, but they are usually a bit more risky when it comes to creativity...which is a good thing. When they work, exclusives are a showcase for the console, developer, and the industry as a whole. This, IMO, kind of puts the multi-plats on notice and forces them to step their collective games up to compete for the exclusive dollars.
Picnic  +   618d ago
I must play Alan Wake sometime. Having 5 or 6 years to create a game for just one console must have resulted in something special, even if mainly in atmosphere, when it's by Remedy.
breakpad  +   618d ago
who wrote the article a 5 year old guy?? exclusivity means quality ..when a developer focus on a specific console manage to explore and use her full potential... imagine without exclusivity,... games gems like Halo CE,MGS4,last of us ff vii couldnt be developed
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ShaunCameron  +   618d ago
If it wasn't for exclusives, I wouldn't have gave the PS3 a chance and be content with just the XBox 360.

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