Kevin Grace Hints That The Game Shown On Xbox One Was Not Halo 5

GamerFitnation's Antwand 'Blackbible' Pearman had a chance to chat with Kevin Grace, Franchise Manager with 343 industries for Halo's new game, Spartan Assault, an upcoming over head combat touch-screen game. Plus was Halo 5 at E3? Grace Hints That Game Shown On Xbox One Was Not Halo 5

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CustardTrout1945d ago

That's just confusing, good interview, makes me want Spartan Assault no less than I did


I feel a lot of us assumed it was Halo 5. When I was there people in the crowd thought it was Halo 5. The fact that it wasn't was kinda of a shocker to me.

AngelicIceDiamond1945d ago

Well lets break it down.

Its not a prequel that's what Reach was. Its not a spinoff because thats what ODST was. Its not a continuation of Halo 4 because that would be a sequel.

It has to be something in between those. I mean, who else would you take the role of in the next Halo installment?

I think I know now. In the next Halo maybe you take the role of the.... enemy.

rainslacker1945d ago

It could be a reboot ala Tomb Raider. No number needed.:)

Mounce1945d ago

Maybe it's another Halo Wars?

CustardTrout1945d ago

I assumed it was Halo 5; and I assumed you heard something you can't exactly tell people without getting people in trouble haha

ravinash1945d ago

Not sequel, prequel or spin off.... what else is there.... a reboot?

darthv721944d ago

It's Master Chief in: Dune - Sands of Despair.

BallsEye1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Didn't they say just after the trailer that halo 5 will be coming to Xbox One and will run in 60FPS?

crxss1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

still could be halo 5, he didn't deny it in the video. have no idea what else it could be with that giant forerunner alien, ship, or whatever. plus he was holding cortana's chip... Sounds canon to me

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3-4-51945d ago

What if it's a Halo game, but not just a FPS game.

What if it's an RPG.

rainslacker1945d ago

That may actually be pretty cool. Hope they have a red vs. blue quest in there with Sarge and Griff.

AngelicIceDiamond1945d ago


The Halo MMO MS cancelled back in the day?

1945d ago
1945d ago
Craigatorian1944d ago

Maybe a Master Chief origin story aka similar to Tomb Raider

AedanClarke1944d ago

Oh, I see what you did there. I like you. You can stay. :D

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XboxFun1945d ago

Maybe the next installment of Halo Wars? I can only hope!

modesign1945d ago

Halo wars with only master chief = regular

AngelicIceDiamond1945d ago

Meh, don't care too much about Halo Wars.

inf3cted11945d ago

Just give me halo 3 again :/

Faztkiller1945d ago

Feel the same Last good Halo imo been going down hill since.

dark-hollow1945d ago

I wouldn't mind a graphically upgraded version of halo 3 for the xbone.

D-riders1945d ago

well that's just dumb you fans want games and you promote pin-offs wth MS that's why your in trouble now

Dread1945d ago

Killzone 1 2 3
Psp killzone
Playstation 4 killzone

uncharted 1 2 3
Vita uncharted

Etc etc ect

Get back to your cave

ginsunuva1945d ago

Neither of you make sense.

strifeblade1944d ago

dont forget:

god of war 2005
god of war 2 2007
god of war chains of olympus 2008
god of war 3 2010
god of war ghost of sparta 2010
god of war ascension 2013

that is 6 god of war games lol in 8 years- sony is not much different

ricochetmg1944d ago

PlAction games usually can do upgrades faster then fps. Gow 1 is not the same mechanics as newer games.

strifeblade1944d ago


i am sorry but god of war feels the same as all the previous games you have the same combos for 6 games straight! to me it got tired

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ABeastNamedTariq1945d ago

Then....what was it? 0_o DUN DUN..DUNNN!

Bhuahahaha1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

xbox all star! lol