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Strike Suit Zero came out just a few months ago and has already now entitled to a spin-off. If you want to know a little about Strike Suit Zero can read our review here . Strike Suit Infinity does not have a narrative or epic attempts to integrate in a single universe of science fiction, but it's fantastic to make us explode all the spacecraft we can with energy weapons and missiles. It is a game which is based on mechanical and is felt as a pure experience on this basis. This makes the range and longevity are limited, but the action of the very compensate partly missing.

Strike Suit Infinity is a pure arcade experience without any attention to history and narrative, leaving a game focused on pure gameplay. The only factors that push the player to continue playing are the desire to get high scores and pleasure to master game mechanics. Obviously this would be little if Infinity were really huge, but for a set of dimensions that works really well.

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