GTA 5 Gameplay: Taking it to the Next Level

Gi - There is a certain kind of joy that comes from playing a game that is well thought out and contains vast entertainment value in a way that clearly utilizes the full potential of a console era. Games like Grand Theft Auto 5 can only be made after the triumphs and mistakes from several games occur over the course of many years. It is hard to believe this game is still within the same generation as Grand Theft Auto 4 because the latest GTA 5 gameplay videos and screenshots easily put the previous GTA game to shame. The bar has been raised so high by Rockstar that people at some point were questioning whether or not the graphics were possible on current-gen systems. Next-gen consoles might have had all the hype for the last couple of months, Rockstar has stuck it out without announcing any split-gen hedge betting. There is something special and respectable about them creating what could be a masterpiece after so much experience with optimization for games on current-gen hardware. Here are some factoids on what will make GTA 5 one of the best games of all time.

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