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Gran Turismo 6: Come To The Next Gen Please?

Gi - Polyphony Digital’s Gran Turismo. The racing game that changed it all and made the high school youth rejoice when their Honda Civics won races over much pricier and elite driving machines. With a game like Gran Turismo 6′s pedigree and rabid following, why not release it on the PlayStation 4 first? Sony’s rebuttal towards this natural question was that sales from having zero installed base would hamper profits or that there is still some graphical magic in the PlayStation 3 to showcase to the world. The argument for the money is likely the driving force, but Gran Turismo 6 still should have been put on the backburner for the PS4. It is Gran Turismo. (Gran Turismo 6, PS3, PS4)

ABeastNamedTariq  +   245d ago
I don't see why not. It's Sony's top franchise. I'm guessing they'll leave it on PS3 for 6 months to a year to let it get its sales on there, then announce a next gen version for the holdouts (and double purchasers). Although..PD could just put all of their effort into GT7. 0_0 What a sight that would be.
badboy776  +   245d ago
I say no. Put all that effort into GT7 as a exclusive PS4 title thats built grown up for the PS4 and utilizes the Dualshocks 4 amazing innovations such as the touchpad.
Tvensky  +   244d ago
Or take GT6 port it for PS4 and set everything on maximum possible, with all DS4 innovations and DLC's and so on..

would buy it twice.. and it would be alot faster than creating from zero for PS4.. yet again wait at least 3 years... no no..
Kryptix  +   244d ago
It has been said that there will be a PS4 version coming soon but the director also stated that they don't know how long it will be till that version is ready to be developed and presented.

Maddens Raiders  +   244d ago
Doesn't matter to me. No matter which PlayStation it's on the disc will be thoroughly spun on my system. Some may disagree but I believe Sony can really do no wrong with Gran Turismo. It's a monster.
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Dno  +   244d ago
this will be on ps4 prolly announce this month or next E3.
Minato-Namikaze  +   244d ago
GT 1 & 2 = PS1
GT 3 & 4 = PS2
GT 5 & 6 = PS3
GT 7 & 8 = PS4

Thats the process, deal with it, lol. Why would you want a port rather than a GT built from the ground up for PS4 anyway? I never get people wanting cross-gen titles.
neoMAXMLC  +   244d ago
And seeing how the PS4 is incredibly easy to develop for, it probably won't even take that long for them to come out with GT7 for the PS4.
GryestOfBluSkies  +   244d ago
i think that this one should have been built for ps4. give people who are on the edge a reason to jump to next gen. but i also understand the other side of the argument, which is that ps3 has a huge install base.
swishersweets20031  +   244d ago
i think it will be a next gen title long as the ps3 version sells very well then i think they will take a shot and put it on ps4.
level 360  +   244d ago
Think this still blows Forza 5 on the XBox ONE for having all-weather, night racing and will match it pound-for-pound in graphic substance.

That's saying something for the good ol' PS3.

You have to remember GranTurismo ever since it began, always did it's brilliance in small but surefooted increments. We just don't notice it until we add it all up.
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MizTv  +   244d ago
I not even a fan of racing games but gt is the shit!
stefan771  +   244d ago
I think it will get an online release

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