'The Witcher 3' Killing Monsters - Did CD Projekt RED Just Cross The Uncanny Valley?

Forbes - I’ve talked about realism and the Uncanny Valley in the past plenty of times, and always as a skeptic. Today I may have to change my opinion.

Before we begin, a quick definition:

The Uncanny Valley is a concept used in both robotics/AI and computer graphics. The theory posits that the closer we get to realism in graphics—to a human face, for instance, that looks like it was filmed rather than programmed—and the closer we come to human-like intelligence in robots, the more perturbed these creations will make us.

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greedybear881949d ago

the graphics are amazing, even for CGI trailer.

Tei7771949d ago

No, but getting closer

GarrusVakarian1949d ago

Awesome trailer, the CGI amazing. The CGI trailer for The Witcher 2 was amazing too.

Hyped for this game.

vikingland11949d ago

An open world Witcher game. That is going to be amazing. The video was bad ass.

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