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GamesRadar - With fantastical narratives, whimsical characters, and well-constructed mechanics, the Tales series of JRPGs is generally held in high regard, with adoring fans all over the globe. The JRPG juggernaut is celebrating its 15th anniversary in the West, and that calls for the release of a very special game. In this case, it's the arrival of Tales of Xillia on North American shelves, the latest entry in the Tales mythos from 2011. Though saddled with a rather by-the-books plot and some dated gameplay, the latest sojourn through the Tales universe is still very much a colorful, animated treat for role-playing enthusiasts looking for their next fix.

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Jubez1871944d ago

The reviewer's text doesn't really match the score IMO. He also called the game a button masher which is untrue if you play on the harder difficulties.