Ask an indie developer: What do you think of next-gen consoles?

GamesRadar - We’re on the verge of a new generation of gaming with the launch of the PS4 and Xbox One. All the big publishers are gearing up with multimillion dollar entries in their annual franchises and expensive new game engines. But while the heavyweights of the industry start investing in next-gen, where does this leave the little guys of the indie scene?

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falcon971866d ago

Basically picked the few indie devs that are behind ps4 how original,this article means nothing when nearly all unity4 pro games are getting a wiiu version next year,and wiiu in general has way way more support from indie's and they have expressed how they like the development process with wiiu......

kingdip901866d ago

Unfortunately not many people consider the wiiu next gen so I assume the article means opinions between the ps4 and xbox one.

jcnba281866d ago

But they tagged Wii U in the article.

kingdip901866d ago

It might be tagged but the atticle specifies ps4 and xbox one as the next gen. No mention of wiiu

mewhy321866d ago

I tend to agree with those that don't consider the Wii-U to be next gen. It's really current gen 1.2.

DiRtY1866d ago

Indies need to shut up. This is a way to vocal minority.

Fishy Fingers1866d ago

They were ASKED for their opinions. If you don't want to hear what they have to say, don't click on the articles.


CynicalKelly1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

Obviously being paid by $ony. /S

Saddam_hussein1866d ago

The author thinks only once console will survive thise gen.

Stopped reading there.