Why Sony will win the next-gen race

Microsoft may have dropped big money to ensure it gets a bigger slice of the GTA IV cake, but will it really make any difference?

DarkZero looks at the bigger picture, predicting the impact that the release of this highly anticipated title will have on the next gen market over the next six months.

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HighDefinition3901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

-Bluray would win.
-Ps3 would start outselling the 360 and eventually the Wii.
-MGS4 wouldn`t be on the 360.
-FF13s wouldn`t be on the 360.
-GTAIV will be more of a factor on the PS3


Because that just the way it don`t have to like it but you do have to deal with it. To us oldskoolers, this is nothing new and why some people were so confindent about PS3s outcome even when it looked so gloomly. Learn from this, because i know for some of you these last few months have been hard for you to understand.....WHAT HAPPENED.

sonarus3901d ago

50 million is enough money to make 2 really good 360 games. Yet they were desperate to get that GTA4 market. They did put in a pretty good effort though

HighDefinition3901d ago

yep, you can`t say they didn`t try.

Jinxstar3901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

Well no company stays on top forever and everything changes in the industry so fast. I agree with you but yeah. You never know what the next next gen war will be like =P

Game on guys and gals

Edit: Yeah I agree man for the most part. I think the 360 has a good long run ahead with Ninja Gaiden and Gears 2 and Alan wake among others. While these may not be system sellers they are good for me an thats all that matters. =P

HighDefinition3901d ago

I agree, EVERYTHING comes to a end at some point. Even this planet/galaxy will at some point.

But for Sony and Mankind this day is not today.(lol)

Hopefully! :P

BlazeXXL3901d ago

that was so cheesy, but so damn true haha :P

crck3901d ago

I think people are harping on the 50 mill for DLC a bit too much. I'm sure most of that money was to insure a date and day release with the PS3 version. The DLC was probably just a concession by Taketwo to close the deal. Anyway MS has to be very careful about how they advertise the DLC. Its not available now and its not free. Last thing they need is another lawsuit for slapping stickers and posters up that misrepresent the content. "Vista capable" anyone?

The Killer3901d ago

simple, because they r the best in the gaming industry now!

dan-boy3901d ago

imo will people will buying it with console that has the most people they know playing it! if you can have a riot on-line with family and friends, and the majority of those have ps3s, then i can't see people picking up a 360 to play it on! but the majority of people you know are gonna be playing it on the 360, then, again, i can't see people picking up a ps3 to play it on!

but at the end of the day, no-one on here, or any web-site can predict the future....we will have to wait and see!!!

Utalkin2me3901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

You don't have to deal with anything if your happy with what console you have. Sonybiased crap has to go, you have to be a moron to buy into half the bulls!t on this site and a bigger moron to think people on here know what they are talking about. You people come off with your theorys and think they are facts and all the sh1theads agree right along. What you sonyfanyboys think cause you can post more and fill the site with bs that your winiing the war. Your just winning on this page, Not in real life. That just a way you can justify yourself, Maybe you sonyfanboys should stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and start gaming. Cause i cant tell you from experience you are way behind far as a average gamer goes. I have Played COD4 on xboxlive and PSN, and people on xbox live is far superior players than on PSN. Point is maybe you people should just start gaming instead of trying to turn people into sonyfanboys cause your just wasting your time.

3901d ago
CrazzyMan3901d ago

Because it`s a Playstation.
Because it`s a FutureProof.
Because it will have Best Exclusives.
Because it always bring something new in gaming, New experience.
Because it will have sequels of our favourite games from psOne and PS2, which millions of people like.


Tarasque3901d ago

You must not be able to read well....I know there is problem when somone has middle finger for an avatar

The Killer3901d ago

did u miss all the BS about ps3 just like half a year ago? or u r just like those who u call sonyfanboys?? we sony fans(few are fanboys) r the real gamers that enjoy gaming and having real life, 360 fanboys(they are a lot) they eat their breakfast till dinner on xbox live trying to get the most achievements and points to justify their 50$ yearly!

beans3900d ago

Half a year ago the PS3 got a lot of negative news because it didn't live up to the hype Sony claimed it would and still to this day doesn't! It's just so strange that Sony fans are trying so hard to help the image of Sony! If Sony wins the hardware war it doesn't matter because there are many other factors here and based on software and sells I don't believe PS3 will ever catch MS! This war will be decided by who offers the best software and services and not hardware which is why MS will come out on top!

LJWooly3900d ago

"This war will be decided by who offers the best software and services and not hardware which is why MS will come out on top!"

No, this "war" doesn't exist, it's complete fiction. However, if it did exist, it would be decided by who offers the best software, services AND hardware. That would be Sony, my friend.

Yes, Sony and Microsoft are competing, but that doesn't mean that we need to. Ah, whatever.

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Harry1903901d ago

long distance races,not sprinters.

Fruit Loops3901d ago

Im gonna win this next generation race.

PS360WII3901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

Hmm he is talking only about GTAIV. He might as well title it 'PS3 will sell more copies of GTAIV then 360' becuase that's all he is discussing.

decapitator3901d ago

It will. I just saw a confirmation that, the bundle is exclusive to the PS3. Will be making a post on it soon.

HighDefinition3901d ago

I know, I`ve just be holding all that in for sooooo long.


bubbles for semi-dissing me w/o saying my name.

PS360WII3901d ago

oh heh didn't even know you wrote it. I agree that MS isn't promoting that DLC as much as they are and most of the general public still thinks GTA is a Playstation game

Kaz Hirai3901d ago

Your deep pockets are no substitute for your STUPIDITY and COWARDICE!
Prepare to be CRUSHED by Sony- as usual!


demolitionX3901d ago

as the king said, prepare for demolition time M$

Sir Ken Kutaragi 43901d ago

WE HAVE WON!!!!!!!!!!! ;-P
Just look at the last few months of console sales!!!;)
(+i don't include the Wii because thats a TOY!!!) ;-D

AngryTypingGuy3901d ago

Why do Sony fanboys like to pretend that they are Sony executives? Kaz, at least find an avatar that doesn't make the real Hirai-san look like a fruit. He looks like he's wearing make-up, and he has a pink shirt. Interesting.

As far as Sony winning the race, they are indeed the reigning champs, so the market share is theirs to lose. Actually, Nintendo is taking back their throne this gen, but I'm assuming we're talking about the battle for second.

Sony may sell more than MS again, but you have to remember that MS is still new compared to Sony in the VG market. There are still and will be for quite some time, many PS2 owners waiting to buy a next gen console. I'm guessing that most will get a PS3...but not all will. Some will go to the other two. Sony's market share this gen has and will decrease a lot. That is a victory in itself for the other two, and could poise MS for a possible victory next gen. According to VGChartz, specifically this graph ( ), Sony still has some catching up to do.

BigKev453901d ago

Too early to say who's going to win the race. If you ask me, it will be the Wii.

HighDefinition3901d ago

but Wii 2 will probaly come out fairly soon.

The Wii doesn`t have the legs to run the full race. IMO.

fenderputty3901d ago

the higher end consoles haven't reached good price points yet. Almost every Wii owner I've met wants a PS3 or a 360. The true test of the Wii will be when the two other consoles get down to a price point that the masses will start buying at.

Shadow Flare3901d ago

Well Nintendo put themselves out of the race before launch by saying that they weren't competing with the ps3 or 360. In terms of console level it's ps3 v 360 and ps2 v wii

Ben10543901d ago

it hasnt had one scince its been out they can probably half the price and still be making money from it

TruthBTold3901d ago

It cannot be compared to the 360 or PS3 because it doesnt come close to being capable of doing what those two can do. Its like comparing handhelds to them. Like someone mentioned, Wii will surely loose its steam when the 360 and PS3 get to the same price point as the Wii. The Wii has a race of its own and if we should compare it to a similar console with similar technology than we can compare it to Xbox (1) and PS2.

iilluminate3901d ago

Ben1054 - Wii price cut will happen but isn't needed until sales start to really slow. Nintendo are in a strong position and will hold onto that price cut card for a while longer. And as you say when they do make that move they'll still probably be making money from it!

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