Dreamcast 14th Anniversary: 14 Games We Want in HD

The fourteenth anniversary of the Dreamcast’s launch is fast approaching. With September 9 right around the corner, we wanted to spend a few minutes talking about the list of DC titles we want to see remade or remastered in glorious high-definition. And what better way to celebrate the life of Sega’s last piece of hardware than to highlight the games that so clearly deserve to live on into the next generation of consoles and gamers. The titles included here have been chosen based off how great they would look in HD, their gameplay merits or, like most, a combination of both.

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darthv721950d ago

id love to see sega officially release propeller arena with an hd facelift. that would make a great online game.

1950d ago
SockeyBoy1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

I'd love Sega to get back into the console war, they have some amazing titles.

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1950d ago
XboxFun1950d ago

I think a Crazy Taxi MMO set in the Jet Set Radio universe would be awesome.

Pillsbury11950d ago

What in the effing hell of what?

DA_SHREDDER1950d ago

Skies is my number 1 game on that list. Armada should have also been done a long time ago. Especially since the devs still work on the game.

PrimeGrime1950d ago

Shenmue, Rival Schools, Power Stone, Jet Set Radio, Sonic Adventure and Seaman. I would love to see any of those make a big return.

Only if I was a billionaire, I would fund all these myself.

Donnieboi1950d ago

JSR is in HD now, but yeah I'd like to see a 3rd JSR game.

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The story is too old to be commented.