Top Five Android Kickstarters of August (so far)

Ian DeMartino of GameWoof writes "Kickstarters that support Android, I’ve begun to notice, come in waves. Of course there are always some useful or crazy gadget that works with your phone. As far as Android games go however, some weeks I struggle to find projects that look interesting, and I have to dig deep to write this article. So far in August, I haven’t had that problem. It has been filled with tons of potentially awesome Android games being launched on Kickstarter, and it seems nearly every day news is coming out about this or that game and it can be hard to keep track of it all.

With that in mind we offer you a mid-month wrap-up of all the best Android supported Kickstarter games that have launched in August up to this point. As mentioned there have been a boatload of Android supported Kickstarter games launching this month, so cutting down the list to five was extremely difficult. Apologizes to the Kickstarters that didn’t make this list but these are the Top Five Android Kickstarters of August (so far)."

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