Xbox One Delay Leaves the Door Ajar for PS4

Push Square: "There will have been one of two reactions to Microsoft’s sizeable Xbox One delay within Sony’s colossal European headquarters today: cheers or mopped brows. At almost every turn, the North American company has been playing into the PlayStation maker’s hands, and this latest setback is just another example of that. It’s certainly not the end of the world for the Redmond-based firm, but it’s not exactly sunshine and rainbows either."

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NatureOfLogic1467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )

Playstation dominance once again? I'm really looking forward to unboxing my PS4 day one.

Majin-vegeta1467d ago

And sniffing that freshness of new opened stuff.

Don't judge me :P.

blitz06231467d ago

Well it's not like Europe was won by Microsoft this gen. They only made things worse over there.

black0o1467d ago

MS is on defense next-gen sony has it eyes sit on NA MS strongest/biggest market and so far MS loosing market share -according to the per-orders-

so i think MS did a smart move here, they dont hve the same chance they had last gen with x360 so there's no need to fight in loosing battles over territories which PlaytStation brand is everything , MS must get NA by any mean necessary

Evilsnuggle1467d ago

BLACKOO this is the same theory I have . MicroSCAM are putting all their eggs in one basket. M$ are losing ground and now are digging in at their fort North America. All the 180s are do to microSCAM pre orders are not where they expected them to be . PS4 is all sold out even game bundles AND m$ still have plenty of xbones available for pre-order microSCAM is in full panic mode. They are retreating to their stronghold North America they know if they lose too much market share in North America they are in big trouble.

abzdine1467d ago

X1 preorders aren't that high and people are gonna change their x1 preorders if it happens that Sony makes a ground breaking announcement like they did at e3 where this time they'll say that for Sony there is no distinction between gamers and everyone should be allowed to have a PS4 day one.. In other words, worldwide release as soon as October.

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AfterThought1467d ago

Its weird but I love the smell of cardboard and wood. I always love the smell of places like Lowes or Homedepot.


blackmanone1467d ago

Gman sure is trying to be N4G's next Georgenoob...

AsimLeonheart1467d ago

Looks like the Xbone delay rumor on gamereactor turned out to be true. And just a few hours ago xbox fans were saying how it was only a stupid rumour and that MS would never do such a thing. :-) Says a lot about the accuracy of people's intuitions.

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morganfell1467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )

This merely cements my belief in my original posts from earlier this year. I do not believe Microsoft had any intention of launching this year...anywhere. Not only did Sony's February announcement catch MS unawares as regards hardware specifications but more importantly I think they were totally unprepared by Sony's plans to launch worldwide this year.

Everything about the Xone seems cobbled together in an emergency meeting. Their original plans for the unit as regards DRM were ill-conceived and hardly thought through and their hardware is grossly underpowered. All of their back peddling speaks of the sorts of matters which would have been resolved in advance given a proper development time. Everything connected with the Redmond outing smells rushed as if it were decided overnight. Now the lack of proper testing over time has cost them chip yields and the inability to meet shipment is the result of unplanned console deployment rather than customer demand.

These cancelations will cause Sony to greatly increase their US marketing in order to hit MS at home. Great news for us but quite grim for the Done.

Rimeskeem1467d ago

I agree nothing like the smell of a new console

Skips1467d ago (Edited 1467d ago ) <--MS

Yield problems is pretty much confirmed. lol

So many problems with this console. They definitely WERE NOT ready when Sony announced PS4. lol They aren't even having a livestream for Gamescom! XD Guess they really did blow most of their load at E3 and don't have much else to show. lol

...... Anyways, 13 regions??? The number 13 isn't unlucky at all. lol

Consoldtobots1467d ago

I give credit to the posters who early on in this current gen called it when they said it would take Sony two console releases to finish off MS.

f7897901467d ago

That new tech smell....


extermin8or1467d ago

God I love that new stuff smell :P particularly game instruction manuals :p (might be the binding glue LOL) weird but it smells pretty satisfying :P

badz1491467d ago


dat smell...yeah, love it too!


13 countries, not region!

nirwanda1466d ago

The delay tells me one of two things either they are getting lower yields because of some last minute overclocking or they want to bombard the xbone with as many units as possible in the most important territories.

Kurt Russell1466d ago

I'm not going to judge you Majin-Vega... I have to smell all the new things I buy too :D

vigilante_man1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

@Morganfell:- I 100% agree with you.

It would seem like MS were never going for 2013 launch after all. After PS4 feb reveal it was ultra quiet from MS.

All these reversals could of been done in the development stage and in private but they have had to rush their schedule. Why? Because PS3 is doing so well everywhere else apart from the US and the PS4 seems likely to steam ahead.

The strong line up of developers and great franchise games have helped Sony get back the lead that the 360 had from a years head start.

MS do NOT believe their product could catch up if PS4 had a year head start. Good point, Morganfell!

Kryptix1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

I'm guessing Microsoft is doing this to release the console earlier by only producing consoles to the countries with the highest demand while also really hurting popularity in the others. The less units they produce, the quicker it will be for them to ship them all out. Then they can keep supplying till other countries get to receive it. If they release it earlier, will this hurt the PS4? No, to Microsoft this is already a lost battle. If the Xbox One gets a week or 2 earlier release day, it's not going to make a difference compared to having a 1 year advantage. Sony has been prepared way before the Xbox One, the PS4 is not a rushed console. And who knows, maybe Sony will surprise us all and release it in October with all the demand they have received. This article confirms Microsoft are in panic mode and unprepared. High chance the Xbox One was still a prototype when they first showed it and still is now.

zippycup1466d ago

actually every time i buy blank DVDs i always smell them don't now why

BABY-JEDI1466d ago

It's all about China now guys. Whoever sell the most there will win the console war!

user55757081466d ago

the funny thing is here that sony didn't really change a whole lot this gen.

Microsoft just seems to like inflicting self harm

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user74029311467d ago

ps2 says ''ill be back'' ps3 gets the chip from skynet, ps4 walks in.

JunioRS1011467d ago

So in other words... PS4 is Arnold Schwarzenegger?

danny8181467d ago

That made me laugh!

Ron_Danger1467d ago

Hey Microsoft... Remember when I told you I'd kill you last?? I lied!

Different movie of course, but still classic Arnold!

pixelsword1467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )




Skips1467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )

So Microsoft being dead in Europe is pretty much confirmed at this point. lol

Their only stronghold there is the UK and even there, they are getting curb-stomped in pre orders... lol

vlonjati77vlonjati1467d ago

Yep ,time to watch T2 for the millionth time :)

jcnba281466d ago

You fanboys are hilarious! LOL

negative1466d ago

Fanboys are out in full force today. Summer camp cancelled?????

Akuma2K1466d ago

Good laugh with that one....bubble for you. :)