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Xbox One Delay Leaves the Door Ajar for PS4

Push Square: "There will have been one of two reactions to Microsoft’s sizeable Xbox One delay within Sony’s colossal European headquarters today: cheers or mopped brows. At almost every turn, the North American company has been playing into the PlayStation maker’s hands, and this latest setback is just another example of that. It’s certainly not the end of the world for the Redmond-based firm, but it’s not exactly sunshine and rainbows either." (PS4, Xbox One)

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NatureOfLogic  +   535d ago | Well said
Playstation dominance once again? I'm really looking forward to unboxing my PS4 day one.
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Majin-vegeta  +   535d ago | Well said
And sniffing that freshness of new opened stuff.

Don't judge me :P.
blitz0623  +   535d ago | Well said
Well it's not like Europe was won by Microsoft this gen. They only made things worse over there.
black0o  +   535d ago
MS is on defense next-gen sony has it eyes sit on NA MS strongest/biggest market and so far MS loosing market share -according to the per-orders-

so i think MS did a smart move here, they dont hve the same chance they had last gen with x360 so there's no need to fight in loosing battles over territories which PlaytStation brand is everything , MS must get NA by any mean necessary
Evilsnuggle  +   535d ago | Well said
BLACKOO this is the same theory I have . MicroSCAM are putting all their eggs in one basket. M$ are losing ground and now are digging in at their fort North America. All the 180s are do to microSCAM pre orders are not where they expected them to be . PS4 is all sold out even game bundles AND m$ still have plenty of xbones available for pre-order microSCAM is in full panic mode. They are retreating to their stronghold North America they know if they lose too much market share in North America they are in big trouble.
abzdine  +   535d ago
X1 preorders aren't that high and people are gonna change their x1 preorders if it happens that Sony makes a ground breaking announcement like they did at e3 where this time they'll say that for Sony there is no distinction between gamers and everyone should be allowed to have a PS4 day one.. In other words, worldwide release as soon as October.
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AfterThought  +   535d ago
Its weird but I love the smell of cardboard and wood. I always love the smell of places like Lowes or Homedepot.

blackmanone  +   535d ago | Well said
Gman sure is trying to be N4G's next Georgenoob...
AsimLeonheart  +   535d ago
Looks like the Xbone delay rumor on gamereactor turned out to be true. And just a few hours ago xbox fans were saying how it was only a stupid rumour and that MS would never do such a thing. :-) Says a lot about the accuracy of people's intuitions.
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josephayal  +   535d ago
sniff sniff
morganfell  +   535d ago | Well said
This merely cements my belief in my original posts from earlier this year. I do not believe Microsoft had any intention of launching this year...anywhere. Not only did Sony's February announcement catch MS unawares as regards hardware specifications but more importantly I think they were totally unprepared by Sony's plans to launch worldwide this year.

Everything about the Xone seems cobbled together in an emergency meeting. Their original plans for the unit as regards DRM were ill-conceived and hardly thought through and their hardware is grossly underpowered. All of their back peddling speaks of the sorts of matters which would have been resolved in advance given a proper development time. Everything connected with the Redmond outing smells rushed as if it were decided overnight. Now the lack of proper testing over time has cost them chip yields and the inability to meet shipment is the result of unplanned console deployment rather than customer demand.

These cancelations will cause Sony to greatly increase their US marketing in order to hit MS at home. Great news for us but quite grim for the Done.
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sckipt  +   535d ago
I agree nothing like the smell of a new console
Skips  +   535d ago
http://media.tumblr.com/879... <--MS

Yield problems is pretty much confirmed. lol

So many problems with this console. They definitely WERE NOT ready when Sony announced PS4. lol They aren't even having a livestream for Gamescom! XD Guess they really did blow most of their load at E3 and don't have much else to show. lol

...... Anyways, 13 regions??? The number 13 isn't unlucky at all. lol
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Consoldtobots  +   535d ago
I give credit to the posters who early on in this current gen called it when they said it would take Sony two console releases to finish off MS.
f789790  +   535d ago
That new tech smell....

extermin8or  +   535d ago
God I love that new stuff smell :P particularly game instruction manuals :p (might be the binding glue LOL) weird but it smells pretty satisfying :P
badz149  +   535d ago

dat smell...yeah, love it too!


13 countries, not region!
nirwanda  +   535d ago
The delay tells me one of two things either they are getting lower yields because of some last minute overclocking or they want to bombard the xbone with as many units as possible in the most important territories.
Kurt Russell  +   534d ago
I'm not going to judge you Majin-Vega... I have to smell all the new things I buy too :D
vigilante_man  +   534d ago
@Morganfell:- I 100% agree with you.

It would seem like MS were never going for 2013 launch after all. After PS4 feb reveal it was ultra quiet from MS.

All these reversals could of been done in the development stage and in private but they have had to rush their schedule. Why? Because PS3 is doing so well everywhere else apart from the US and the PS4 seems likely to steam ahead.

The strong line up of developers and great franchise games have helped Sony get back the lead that the 360 had from a years head start.

MS do NOT believe their product could catch up if PS4 had a year head start. Good point, Morganfell!
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Kryptix  +   534d ago
I'm guessing Microsoft is doing this to release the console earlier by only producing consoles to the countries with the highest demand while also really hurting popularity in the others. The less units they produce, the quicker it will be for them to ship them all out. Then they can keep supplying till other countries get to receive it. If they release it earlier, will this hurt the PS4? No, to Microsoft this is already a lost battle. If the Xbox One gets a week or 2 earlier release day, it's not going to make a difference compared to having a 1 year advantage. Sony has been prepared way before the Xbox One, the PS4 is not a rushed console. And who knows, maybe Sony will surprise us all and release it in October with all the demand they have received. This article confirms Microsoft are in panic mode and unprepared. High chance the Xbox One was still a prototype when they first showed it and still is now.
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zippycup  +   534d ago
actually every time i buy blank DVDs i always smell them don't now why
BABY-JEDI  +   534d ago
It's all about China now guys. Whoever sell the most there will win the console war!
knockknockannefrank  +   534d ago
the funny thing is here that sony didn't really change a whole lot this gen.

Microsoft just seems to like inflicting self harm
DirtyPimp  +   535d ago | Funny
ps2 says ''ill be back'' ps3 gets the chip from skynet, ps4 walks in.
JunioRS101  +   535d ago | Funny
So in other words... PS4 is Arnold Schwarzenegger?
danny818  +   535d ago
That made me laugh!
Ron_Danger  +   535d ago
Hey Microsoft... Remember when I told you I'd kill you last?? I lied!

Different movie of course, but still classic Arnold!
pixelsword  +   535d ago



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Skips  +   535d ago
So Microsoft being dead in Europe is pretty much confirmed at this point. lol

Their only stronghold there is the UK and even there, they are getting curb-stomped in pre orders... lol
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vlonjati77vlonjati  +   535d ago
Yep ,time to watch T2 for the millionth time :)
jcnba28  +   534d ago
You fanboys are hilarious! LOL
negative  +   534d ago
Fanboys are out in full force today. Summer camp cancelled?????
Akuma2K  +   534d ago
Good laugh with that one....bubble for you. :)
fermcr  +   535d ago
I wasn't going to buy not the X1 nor the PS4 at launch... so if the consoles are released a bit later in my country, no difference for me.
thechosenone  +   535d ago
Well that's good for you I guess but it sucks for anyone else that wanted one on the first day.
dc1  +   535d ago
You came here to post this?....
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Mike134nl  +   535d ago
Haven't placed a pre-order for either console either seems like a good strategy.

Microsoft realy sucks at marketing they should have kept their cards closed on which countries the xb1 would launch first.

Not sure if I should believe them but if they haven't already made the xb1 compatible with European television providers boxes it probably is not a bad move, in order to prevent maybe even more negative publicity.
SpideySpeakz  +   535d ago
Wow. Very selfish.
Syntax-Error  +   535d ago
They get a FREE GAME with the purchase of a console in those delayed regions so why is that a bad thing. Sony didnt give a free game with a year of delays for PS3
BootyBandit  +   535d ago | Well said
fermcr - fermcr11

What's more ironic is you getting busted answering with an alternative account.

"You came here to post this?.... "

... and you came here to post that!

How Ironic!"

How many accounts does one need? A better question is why would you want more than one? Anyway, you would at least think you would be more original and have different user names and not just add numbers next to an existing one.
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NeoTribe  +   534d ago
Why you here?
fermcr  +   534d ago

I have 5478 N4G accounts...oops, created a new one, it's 5479 N4G accounts now.. SOOOO WHAT!!!... what are going to do now?
Call a wambulance !
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Kryptix  +   534d ago

You have 5479 split personalities and so far, that one is the stupidest one.
BootyBandit   534d ago | Offensive
BootyBandit  +   534d ago

Anything further said could be considered child abuse. Seeing that one of your 5479 accounts was banned was sufficient enough. For now.

If N4G would tighten their belt more often people like me, gamers that actually have something to contribute, would add value to sites like this instead of just lurking in the shadows as to not combat the ignorance. Since the battle of ignorance can only be won by ignoring it.

Oh well, back to the shadows.
Enjoy fermcr
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G20WLY  +   535d ago
It's certainly looking that way at the moment...And in the next week or so, we'll know more about what some of the bigger Sony studios are up to. :)

Sony are bound to use this as an opportunity to gain an even stronger grip of Europe - or at least aim to.

Interesting times....
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TheOneEyedHound  +   535d ago
You got me wet.
showtimefolks  +   535d ago
if i was running sony i would do my absolute best to launch PS4 world wide, especially in those countries where xbox one won't Launch till 2014

PlayStation brand is already so strong in Europe and the news from MS will do nothing more than to make it even stronger

come to think of it has MS kept any of their word or features they announced at E3, they been back tracking ever since

many who will want a next gen console will buy the 1st available one in their respective countries, so a world wide launch could really have huge incentive for sony
Consoldtobots  +   535d ago
if I were Sony I would push for an October launch, that would be the knockout blow.
blackpanther25  +   534d ago
I have a friend in best buy who told me they are getting ps4 shipments at the end of this month. Don't know how true it is tho.
ZHZ90  +   535d ago
Can't wait for PS4 to be announced and get a release date worldwide!(Including in my country and countries that I vist usually)

Can't Gamescom come soon?

4me2  +   535d ago
what's your country, if I may ask?
ZHZ90  +   535d ago
I am from Egypt and I also vist and buy games in KSA and UAE alot.
EDIT1: (I know it'll be realsed in USA and EU first then Japan and Asia countries still just hoping a release date for either KSA or UAE as well)
EDIT2: Why the disagree? What did I do?
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4me2  +   535d ago
PS4 is region free so you get one in US (Amazon) , probably cheaper than in other countries.
Also you can find anything you want in UAE, I heard.

I got disagrees too for asking a question! Funny. I guess I may not ask!!!!
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sAVAge_bEaST  +   535d ago
yes unboxing, something special about doing it yourself., I'm glad it wasn't whored out like a cheap youtube vid.
PSVita  +   535d ago
^ Lol exactly
xxLuckyStrike  +   534d ago
dear Redempteur

You bet your ass they did another 180 and got rid of Kinect along with of all the dumbasses who had no clue. Just how far they strayed from a successful Xbox 360 Business model still has heads scratching. The Xbox 360 earned billions I imagine. Anyway, at least MS got the shit RIGHT. MS will look like geniuses once the XB1 is officially cheaper than the PS4.

*Now who's smiling

*Brace yourselves Sony fanboys!!! THAT KINECT-LESS XB1 SKUis IMMINENT!!! Probably the last 180 they'll need just before xmas $349 or less as it is rumored the weaker console and cheaper get folks back on
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Deadpoolio  +   535d ago
Once again? You know it took 6 years for PS3 to knock the 360 in to 3rd place right?
Ray186  +   535d ago
Despite a huge launch price difference, and a 1 year head-start. It's not how you start it's how you finish.
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Baka-akaB  +   535d ago
even accounting shipping difference , it's still an initially uber expansive console that everyone ragged upon , at first , with "no games" , that turned things around and completely caught up
Syntax-Error  +   535d ago
RAY it had a year headstart because PS3 was delayed for a year. Now you want to say something about MS because they have a delay in 8 regions? GTFOH! They are even giving those regions a FREE GAME because of it. What did you get from SONY on their delay? NOT A GODDAMN THING
kneon  +   535d ago | Well said

You're really grasping at straws there. All manufacturers reports shipped numbers because when they ship they are sold as far as they are concerned.

But also retailers don't order more stock when what they have isn't selling. Retailers today don't carry extra stock, it costs them too much money. So that means the the shipped numbers are the sold numbers after a few weeks.

The PS3 shipped later than the Xbox 360 because they had to wait for the bluray and HDMI 1.3 specs to be completed. By waiting they were able to ship with more advanced tech. And still they caught up and passed 360 sales despite the 12-24 months sales lead the 360 had over the PS3. The Xbox One isn't going to gain any technological advantage by shipping late, it will just be late.
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Boody-Bandit  +   535d ago | Well said

Business 101


Companies don't do business through consignment. Companies manufacture a product. They than set an MSRP for said product. They than sell their products below that MSRP to vendors. Vendors pay said company for their shipment of units for said product. Vendor (Best Buy, GameStop, Amazon, Wal-Mart, etc) sells product for a profit at or around MSRP.

What ever Sony, MS, Nintendo, etc.. ship. They got bank for already. In house consumer numbers can never truly be known and is a moot talking point. We then start getting into how many 360 are actually still working because of hardware issues, etc... Who cares? Sony, MS and Nintendo got their bank the minute the vendor paid them for the shipment of their products. That is ALL the companies care about.

So shipped vs sold doesn't really matter.
Does it?
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Rhythmattic  +   535d ago

And how many repeat 360 purchases were there due to RROD?
I know at least 3 people that bought B/U 360's..
Boody-Bandit  +   535d ago

If I told you how many 360's I purchase you would probably think I was full of it. Currently I own 6 and have 5 in my house.

To be honest, as per my name sake, I don't know a 360 gamer that hasn't purchased no less than 2 360's. I have one friend that purchased 1 more than me and quite a few that have purchased more than 3.
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MasterCornholio  +   534d ago

"What did you get from SONY on their delay? NOT A GODDAMN THING"

Sony did give us something and you know what it was? A reliable console at launch.

Sorry but Microsoft rushing the 360 to beat the PS3 caused the first generation of 360s to suffer massive hardware failures.

Heres proof in case you dont believe me.


"Here are their findings:

Console failure rate

Xbox 360 – 54.2%
Playstation 3 – 10.6%
Wii – 6.8%"

More proof.


"There is a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff we can't know here. But, based on the numbers, a failure rate between 29% and 43% would not be unreasonable. So maybe those 33% reports aren't so far off the mark, after all."

Anyways its nice that Microsoft is giving away a free game to make up for the delay but the last time they gave away something (XBOX Live Outage) the game was a terrible game called undertow.


"Major Nelson just pinged us to let us know that Undertow has been pegged as the game that will be offered for free as an apology for the recent troubles on Xbox Live."

OT: Anyways i always believed that Microsoft was caught off guard by the PS4s unveiling and all their 180s and these delays prove most of my theory's right. I just dont understand how a firm can screw up a product launch so badly. In my opinion Microsoft should just delay the system by a year and make it a lot better.
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sync90  +   534d ago
It would of been a hell of alot sooner if it wasn't for RROD.
xxLuckyStrike  +   534d ago
POOR Sony fanboys calling victory already 3 months prior to launch on a 6-7 year console cycle. No doubt MS GOTS A PLAN. Inevitable Sony will get undecut by MS sooner than later

*A Kinect-less Xbox One SKU will close any possible lead Sony might have .

*If MS is getting their ass kicked that badly in preorders you can bet your lil Sony fanboy asses MS has a cheaper SKU on deck which explains the Kinect reversal . MARK MY WORDS $349
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Kleptic  +   534d ago
syntax-error...save it...

Sony didn't 'delay' the PS3...it was announced in 2005 with no price and no date, with a bunch of pre-rendered trailers...

Ms reacted by running a public hardware beta beginning in late 2005...the price they payed for rushing to beat Sony out the gate was over $1 billion JUST in warranty changes...let alone losses on every console sold at the time...

just stating, there was never a 'delay'...obviously Sony would've preferred to hit the market sooner...but its not like they announced a release window...then missed it...which is what MS is currently in the middle of for specific territories...
Redempteur  +   534d ago

Their "plan" is do undo everything they had planned at first because they realised they were going straight in a wall.
As a result they are unprepared and they know themselves that they can't deliver ... the only good thing microsft has done is to realise quickly that their initial strategy was a failure.
GT67  +   535d ago
i told you people x1 will not be release til 2014 and reason why having heat sink issues this info came from a MS engineer working on x1 you guys said i was nuts who's ya daddy now!!!
jackanderson1985  +   535d ago
It's not a global delay just 8 countries where they are having difficulties localising and language issues. Not sure how heat sink fits in there
MRMagoo123  +   535d ago

"It's not a global delay just 8 countries where they are having difficulties localising and language issues. Not sure how heat sink fits in there"

Thats not true at all most of the countries they are leaving out now share their first language with others that are getting it at launch day so if it was due to languages they wouldnt be releasing in most of the ones they are aiming for, so MS basically just lied again and you fell for it.
kneon  +   535d ago
I doubt it's heat sink issues, it's more likely just chip yield issues. That's why they have had such low allocations for pre-orders.

They had to drop some countries to make sure they have some stock for the big countries. If they lose in the US and UK then they are done.

As it is they will already have to deal with the negative press when Sony announces sales well beyond Xbox One sales. To joe blow gamer it won't matter why Sony sold more, they will just see that the PS4 sold more.
nosferatuzodd  +   535d ago
indeed zzodd is pleased with this comment
miyamoto  +   535d ago
M$ will kneel before Zod!

It was very obvious from the start that he whole cable.thing is very much a USA thing. A sign that PlayStation has dominated all regions outside of America. Xbox has been cornered and PS3 PS4 combo is going for the kill this holiday season onwards.

U R NoT Ready
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mark134uk  +   535d ago | Funny
will the xbox one have delayed edition on the controller?
PSVita  +   535d ago
Literally laughed out loud, thanks lol
MRMagoo123  +   535d ago
it comes with a XBONE-delayed edition sticker as well, and the batteries that come with it are past their used by date just to rub it in.
Martywren  +   535d ago
The good news is X1 still on track for launch in usa. D1B for me.
thetruthx1  +   535d ago
Ps4 ain't running nothing Awesomenauts, Knack, Octodad, Driveclub, DC universe, Killzone...... Where are the good games?
scott182  +   535d ago
The new killzone alone destroys everything else I have seen. And sony's line up of games has a good variety to them, which I like. I also like my chances for the long term of owning a PS4, seeing as how Sony is still supporting the PS3 (The Last of Us)
SheenuTheLegend  +   534d ago
Last of us
6 years after the launch
It says everything
PSVita  +   535d ago
See what was Xbox support saying about dont believe everything you read. I guess they were. Applying that to themselves.
iiwii  +   535d ago
Or, this could be MS making things look bleak to get Sony to let their guard down and then try to get a punch in when Sony is not expecting it.

Nah... Not even MS would make themselves looks this unprepared as a publicity stunt.
PSVita  +   535d ago
iiwii- yeah I don't think any company does that kind of thing..
#1.14.2 (Edited 535d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report
assdan  +   535d ago
Can't wait for my new PS4. I really don't know if it's that big of a deal for MS to delay in those regions. I feel like PS4 seems like it will win in most European regions no matter what. The only real battleground will be north America and maybe England.
bligmerk  +   535d ago
Ajar? If that means leaving half of Europe to the PS4, then yeah.

Wow, what can MS say at Gamescom to compensate for this? This is getting really cringe worthy to watch this train wreck in console game history happening in real time.
Syntax-Error  +   535d ago
Are you retarded? I wish they would delay it here in the US. They are giving them a FREE GAME with their console purchase. It's not like you have to have a new console right now so if I had to wait 3 months later and I receive a FREE game...I'm all in. PS3 was released a year late because of delays and they didnt give anyone SHIT
Quicktopick  +   535d ago
r u really that interested in a free game?
The_Sneauxman  +   535d ago
Let me quote someone who already shoved your theory that the PS3 was delayed.
from user: kneon
The PS3 shipped later than the Xbox 360 because they had to wait for the bluray and HDMI 1.3 specs to be completed. By waiting they were able to ship with more advanced tech. And still they caught up and passed 360 sales despite the 12-24 months sales lead the 360 had over the PS3. The Xbox One isn't going to gain any technological advantage by shipping late, it will just be late"

You're welcome
deadie  +   534d ago

Sony dont have to give anything away as of now.

They got plenty of quality F2P Games heading for everyone who purchases their new machine.

I think that beats out your "free" game?
#1.17.3 (Edited 534d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report
xKugo  +   534d ago
The PS3 was never delayed. Where are you idiots getting this shit? The only thing Sony did before the launch of the PS3 is a show few pre-rendered trailers for the system and it's games. They never gave us a launch window. They didn't promise us a 2005 launch. It was they're every intention to launch a year later with a vastly superior product, because they were thinking that their fan-base was so immensely large that only a portion of their fan-base would convert to the counterpart. Looking back in hindsight, they were clearly wrong but the point remains that they didn't delay their console.
#1.17.4 (Edited 534d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report
IRON883  +   535d ago
Yup same here! The smell of a new opened electronic love it!!!!
StoutBEER  +   535d ago
Have you used PSN store in Europe? Honestly it sucks
Psn800  +   534d ago
I don't see that as a setback all the major gaming countries well the countries who have the highest ratio of gaming are all getting there Xbox's on launch , we need competition it makes our market stronger & better for us all , can't wait to un box my pre-ordered Ps4 myself though .
Sarick  +   534d ago
Sony would really dominate more if they announced something like: "Customers who pre-order a PS4 get FREE online multi-player for this gen."

It's stuff like this that tell people WOW I better get one or i'll lose the opportunity to have something special for pre-ordering. It's an incentive worth pre-ordering a console. Much more then just getting it first launch you have something special.

If MS did this with their LIVE online market share may increase substantially. I'm no fan of MS but wow! If they said if pre-order before launch you get live for free until next gen. Some people might be compelled to pre-order one.

Hey, even if you don't get a system till 2014 having the opportunity to get free online for this gen is more then enough to pro-order for some people even if your market is added late.
#1.21 (Edited 534d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
TAURUS-555  +   534d ago
im glad im getting the PS4.
Aleithian  +   534d ago
Yeah baby! Day 1 FTW!
jyzisadajel12   534d ago | Spam
supes_24  +   534d ago
I think PS dominates the exclusive department, but I do prefer my shooters on Xbox to be honest. But I'm also looking forward to unboxing my PS4 on day one, then also my One a few months later. Gonna be a great next gen of gaming for all who buy both systems.
sckipt  +   534d ago
God dammit i want it sooooo bad but i also plan getting the xbox one later in the next 3-4 years
KumaKreations  +   535d ago
Eh rather them make sure they got the system right, we do not want another 360 Red Ring problem.
ABeastNamedTariq  +   535d ago
Well, I guess people would want whatever next gen console is out first. That's not good for MS. They haven't even gotten FCC clearance yet.
NatureOfLogic  +   535d ago
If Sony announces an October release date next week, I will literally shed tears of joy.
#4 (Edited 535d ago ) | Agree(60) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
thekhurg  +   535d ago
It would absolutely be brutal. But I would guess Nov 5th would be the earliest release date for either next gen console, as I believe that's the first date of any 3rd party cross-gen release right now.
BLAKHOODe  +   535d ago
No.. October 29 is. That's when Battlefield 4 and, I think, Assassin's Creed IV comes out. Most notable about November 5 is Call Of Duty: Ghost.
thekhurg  +   535d ago
Oh, I was thinking BF4 was during the 2nd week of November.
MRMagoo123  +   535d ago
the less time i have to wait for the ps4 the better, i want it today but october would be nice
4me2  +   535d ago
October 26 would be nice but I doubt it.
TIER1xWOLFPACKx  +   535d ago
so the rumours of the xbox one being delayed into 2014 were somewhat true but just not for every country
showtimefolks  +   535d ago
almost ever rumor about ps4/xbox one from neogaf has been true
jmc8888  +   535d ago
At least at first.

They still could do the rest as well. I think they'll try like hell to put it out in 2013, and I do think they'll put out botched consoles like the 360 RRoD to do it....

Will they? Who knows.

But I'll believe Xbox One is out when it's actually out. They came to the party really late and are so obviously behind. It's like when you were in school and saw everyone's oral report and that one person just basically did nothing and just got up and talked...yeah it's obvious like that how behind they were.

What you can tell from such a release is that ANY MORE setbacks and they probably will need to push it back.

If they are already dropping off 20 percent or so of their launch consoles to supply demand for the rest, then if they need to drop more or anything pushes back production a few weeks, and all hell can break loose.

I can see a small amount in the tens of thousands trickling out just so they say they got it out. But at this point they should be in production and ramping it up. These things are literally needing to ship in about 2 months. We're in mid August now. Perhaps 2 1/2 months if late Novemeber like most are saying.

I'd say the next delay they'll need to contact preorders and inform them they can't get them the console day 1. Technically they could do 1 more and stiff everywhere but US until 2014.

Overall not good news and they still have two months or so of pushing it back further. They still need to actually produce the console and problems can come up. Them being so far behind means to me they are only really finding out HOW to produce them, and thus HOW MANY and WHEN to expect them. There definitely can be more delays.

On the flip side, Sony is no doubt already in production and we haven't heard anything bad. All we heard was that they nailed production a while back. That doesn't mean they aren't having problems, but they haven't had to scale anything back yet. If there was going to be a problem with PS4 production I'd think we'd already hear of it.

Whereas with Xbox One, that hurdle has definitely yet to be crossed.
ZBlacktt  +   535d ago
PS4 has sold out like 3 times. This is not even a close race to begin with.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   535d ago | Well said
I think the ratio is more 4:1, and its hilariously ironic.
Bathyj  +   535d ago
ZBlacktt  +   535d ago
How can people disagree with the news? Do you people even read? Just stating a fact here, lol.
T2  +   535d ago
They disagree becuz their very lives depend on x1 lol
jackanderson1985  +   535d ago
May have sold out 3 times but if MS is supplying 4 or 5 times the stock levels as Sony then it means very little
iiwii  +   535d ago
But that's not the case as retailers have stated that they had substantially larger allotments of PS4 then XB1

Here is one source for that which was even mentioned in the article above:

And even if it were not the case, how could PS4 be such a better seller by position (meaning more units preordered) on Amazon.com while the XB1 sits well behind it if the stock levels of XB1 were larger. I think you are hoping for dreams there but the numbers and presale rankings indicate otherwise.
#6.3.1 (Edited 535d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(0) | Report
ZBlacktt  +   535d ago
Here is a true fact as of today. A friend of mine went to Gamestop and was told they are not taking per orders anymore for the PS4. He tried. So dunno no man....
BlaqMagiq24  +   534d ago
What's the point if they don't sell? They could have 10x the amount but it means nothing if no one buys them.
ziggurcat  +   535d ago
microsoft has already said that there's no delay.

stage88  +   535d ago
You better take a look at this...

darkride66  +   535d ago
Microsoft themselves confirmed via their own website that the list of 21 launch countries has been whittled down to 13 countries. The rest are delayed to 2014. The article clearly states that and provides links.

Obviously for Microsoft to delay in so many countries so soon after they released their list of launch countries, something isn't going according to plan.
#7.2 (Edited 535d ago ) | Agree(28) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
jackanderson1985  +   535d ago
Yeah if you read the press release it's due to localisation and language issues
darkride66  +   534d ago
Yeah, because if it were anything more serious they'd just come out and admit to it, wouldn't they? Come on. You seriously think they're delaying the Xbox One because they need months more in development time to translate their OS to swedish as opposed to French? You honestly believe that line?
Consoldtobots  +   534d ago
sorry but our friend from Belgium above poo pood that lame excuse by his explanation of language commonality in tier 2 countries with tier 1 markets.
BG11579  +   534d ago
So the excuse is "it's due to localisation and language issues".
If it is true then why is the Xbox 180 been released in Brazil but not in Portugal? Both countries speak Portuguese...
MarkusMcNugen  +   534d ago

Dialects? There are obvious differences between the two countries and how they speak the language. You know, Spanish is spoken in tons of areas around the world; Europe, Central America, North America, Africa; But its not the EXACT same language in all of those places.
darkride66  +   534d ago
@MarkusMcNugen. So you believe that they're delaying the Xbox One because they need months of extra time to translate the Xbox One OS into every regional dialect imaginable, even though the written languages and grammar usually have no differences? You think they weren't aware of this problem before (even though they've gone through it with the Xbox and Xbox 360 already) when they made their list of launch countries and it's just taking months longer than anticipated?

So just to be absolutely clear, this is what you truly believe is happening and nothing else?
#7.2.6 (Edited 534d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
MarkusMcNugen  +   534d ago
No. What I believe is that Microsoft wouldn't want to ship an unfinished product to countries all around the world. Its not just the Xbox One OS that has to be translated. You are forgetting that the Kinect is bundled with the Xbox One and its voice commands are considered one of it's main selling points.

Voice input from different languages could definitely pose a problem, especially when certain areas have different dialects and small vocabulary changes from country to country. Dragon Naturally Speaking had some of these issues years ago.

From a business standpoint, it would make more sense to delay the product till the voice commands are on point, than to release a half-assed product and receive negative press on top of angry consumers.

Im not saying there aren't other factors that could have played into this decision. Just that voice commands arent as simple as everyone seems to think. Hell, Google and Apple took their sweet time with getting a decent amount of languages recognized by their products with voice commands. A lot of languages are still missing from their products.
#7.2.7 (Edited 534d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
darkride66  +   534d ago
I fully understand and appreciate that localization can be time consuming but I don't buy that this is the reason for the delay.

What's changed? They said not that long ago they'd have the Xbox One out in 21 countries. They knew what went into localization at that time. They've done it all before with the 360 and Kinect. Now, suddenly, it's pushed back and only 13 countries will have the Xbox One at launch?

So what changed between when they originally said 21 countries and yesterday's update? I'm not saying localization doesn't take time, but I just don't buy that their estimates of how long localization would take, something they've done plenty of times before, are somehow off necessitating a delay of months.

Microsoft isn't telling us the whole story here about why they've chosen to delay, clearly.
Deadpoolio  +   535d ago
Well ya know except for the FACT that Micro$oft confirmed themselves the 21 launch countries is now 13
IcicleTrepan  +   535d ago
it's even on news.xbox.com now.
mike32UK  +   534d ago
Oh Ziggurcat.....
stage88  +   535d ago
I really do hope Sony announce the rumoured release date of 21st October.
Even a week or so can make such a huge difference let alone a whole territory for the first few months.
ZBlacktt  +   535d ago
Look around, Some games are listed as Oct 29th release on the PS4. So it's a good sign.
stage88  +   535d ago
Hoping that's true but could be a placeholder.
ZBlacktt  +   535d ago
But it's all to close to the same window the PS4 is said to come out also. So very end of Oct and middle of Nov.
DEEBO  +   535d ago
the door was open on may 21,price drop is a must.to be honest,MS really doesn't stand a chance at being in 1st place.why? because they are already giving up too much ground on their best region.and worldwide they never had a chance.
iiwii  +   535d ago
It would have to be a price drop by MS and a pretty big stumble by Sony to even things up before launch.
DEEBO  +   535d ago
yeah a price drop is definitely the next step.maybe a triple A game to with the launch.with all that money MS has i don't no how they are always messing things up.
HugoDrax  +   535d ago
I agree, right now X360 pre orders for games are dominating the charts in comparison to the PS3 counterpart. Yet the PS4 pre orders for games are way ahead of the XB1 counterpart.

It's weird hahaha! On current gen Microsoft is showing dominance for games, but on next gen Sony is showing dominance. Although, were not sure how much of a role pre orders will play next gen when everything will also be available digitally as well.


#1:X360. = 474,754
#2:PS3. = 402,611

COD Ghosts
#3: X360 = 197,690
#6: PS3 = 109,800
#29: XB1 = 45,749
#15: PS4 = 66,548

Splinter Cell Blacklist
#8: X360 = 96,426
#21: PS3 = 56,225

Battlefield 4
#4: X360 = 189,691
#9: PS3 = 95,780
#40: XB1 = 29,390
#14: PS4 = 67,486

AC Black Flag
#20: X360 = 56,498
#32: PS3 = 40,325

What this shows is US software sales X360 has a commanding lead for current gen, but when compared to next gen it's the opposite with Sony PS4 leading over XB1. Interesting, as its showing the core gamers or early adopters are favoring Sony's platform. Only time will tell if in a year from now it will be the same? I know I personally will have both next gen consoles at launch, so I'm not favoring either console. I'm just a gamer, who loves games..
xxLuckyStrike  +   534d ago
PS3 is a Netflix machine that has bluray player not used for movies

*its a flix machine an it won't work for nobody but you
#9.1.3 (Edited 534d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
fOrlOnhOpe57  +   535d ago
I reckon the door's been kicked wide open by Sony - with more than a little help from Microsoft's cock-ups.
gaelic_laoch  +   535d ago
M$ have now preformed one of the greatest tactical retreats in gaming history, no way to sugar coat this one I'm afraid!
FrigidDARKNESS   535d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(8)
thetruthx1  +   535d ago
It may sound very selfish of me but as long as the xbox one comes out in November in the United States of America I'm fine
BLAKHOODe  +   535d ago
The delays would suggest LATE November. Probably either the 22nd or 26th.
deadfrag  +   535d ago
US is not the world!When publishers start seeing that PS4 games are seling 4x more worldwide than on the X1 they will start thinking that the profit is in Sony machine,than you will see games like Titan fall exclusive turn multiplatform in 1 month because EA is not in the business of losing money;and Sony PS4 will end up the development platform because thats were games sale;not to mention it haves more powerfull hardware.
#13.2 (Edited 535d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
sAVAge_bEaST  +   535d ago
EA also has it's own "dedicated server farms" aka. cloud dedicated matches, as noted by M$, as what it is providing for Titan Fall .
T2  +   535d ago
Well with ratios like 3 or 4 to one , no amount of payment by ms will justify exclusives... It would cost a company millions
jessupj  +   535d ago
That's a very good point. Don't know how I overlooked that.

If this reported ratio of 4:1 in Sony's favor continues, MS is going to have to give a lot more money to the publishers behind their timed 3rd party exclusives, or the game will be ported over in a matter of months.

Considering Titan Fall is launching in 2014 it might even lose in exclusivity and release for both platforms simultaneously.

I absolutely don't want any gamers to miss out on any games, but a part of me likes this because I'm so sick of MS throwing money around for timed content. Now it's probable MS are going to have to throw around a LOT more money if they want to block games coming to the PS4.
#13.2.3 (Edited 535d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(1) | Report
Hicken  +   535d ago
It IS very selfish of you. At least you can acknowledge that, though.

The rest of the fanboys around here somehow think that their selfishness is thimportant things to these companies.
Dlacy13g  +   535d ago
Certainly Sony was glad to hear the news of today...but its hard to say how happy given:

"Sony hasn’t actually detailed which territories will get the PlayStation 4 this year – for good reason, judging by today’s news. The company has said that the system will release this holiday in Europe and North America, but that’s all that we really know."

Next week should be interesting at Gamescom!
jr85prix   535d ago | Spam
nooneknows  +   535d ago
TBH, Sony is going to win Europe and Japan. Microsoft has no chance at Japan, and Europe looks like a big place for Playstation and always been.

US is a market that can shift. We saw the PS1 and PS2 dominate there. If Sony can win the U.S with PS4, MS is in trouble.
Plagasx  +   535d ago
Man, the PS4 is looking mighty fine right about now :)
Funantic1  +   535d ago
A 2-3 month delay won't hurt too bad because people got their minds made up on what they're going to buy regardless.
Harmonizer  +   535d ago
a lot of people that are 50-50 in the affected countries are no longer gonna have trouble deciding what machine they want.
Funantic1  +   535d ago
That'll be like saying if there was a shortage on PSPs people would settle for a DS. Some people are looking at certain games in particular. If somebody wanted to play Titanfall they'd wait a few 2-3 months for a X1 rather than wait until mid 2015 to play it on the PS4. If there were a delay to Jan. -Feb. on the X1 here in the US I'd wait for it and play GTA5 and COD until then.
#18.1.1 (Edited 535d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(8) | Report
BLAKHOODe  +   535d ago
If Christmas was in January or February, that might be true.
Consoldtobots  +   535d ago
dream on, Sony will have a holiday season pretty much all to itself while MS plays catch up.

game set and match
Funantic1  +   535d ago
All to themselves huh? You're delusional. The X1 is still going to be released this November in Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom, United States, and New Zealand. And don't forget that both the X1 and PS4 will have shortages anyway. Many people won't get their hands on either one before Christmas. That's confirmed by my local GameStop. That's what happened with both the PS3 and 360 at launch. That's why people were selling PS3s on eBay for $1300 at launch. And people will wait on whatever they want especially if they've already preordered. Because you're never really satisfied by substituting.
T2  +   535d ago
Xmas ? Who waits 3 mos for xmas gift
arbitor365  +   535d ago
the PS4 will probably hit in October. so it will beat the xboxone to the punch, regaurdless
Drasill  +   535d ago
Did Sony even announce what regions PS4 will launch in first?
Belking  +   535d ago
Doesn't matter. Xbox-one is still gonna have a great holiday launch with better features and games. Yes, the US is much more important.
CGI-Quality  +   535d ago
Much more important to what, exactly? The PS3 passed the 360 and LOST the US. I'd say it's not that cut-and-dry, and with US pre-order numbers favoring the PS4, quite heavily, it's not going to be as easy for MS as you're leading yourself to believe.
Belking  +   535d ago
no bud, i don't think so. Ps3 hasn't passed xbox-360 sold numbers or sony would of reported it already.

Xbox 360 hits 78.2 million units, 9.9 million units shipped in FY13


Now post an official number from sony. You can't because they never give it out. Why? Because they know xbox360 has outsold them month to month for the past 3 years. Especially in the US.

@CGI below

I know you don't need to post links because you can't...lol Sony hasn't passed. Now put up or shut up. As for MS not looking so hot, they still are in better shape than Sony. One is worth over 250 billion and the other only 20 billion. One has yet to launch and the other has a failing handheld on the market right now and a yen that keeps dropping.. Sony is the one that should be worried. They are the one's in bad shape right now. Don't be fooled by all the smiling PR people. Why do you think they are trying to sell a vita and ps4 duo? It's not because things are looking great.
#21.1.1 (Edited 535d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(33) | Report
BLAKHOODe  +   535d ago
@ Belking

Last I heard, Sony and Microsoft were pretty much neck and neck on sales of the PS3 and Xbox 360. That's with Microsoft having a full year's lead and Sony's PS3 launch being a total disaster.
ziggurcat  +   535d ago
@ belking:

PS3 has outsold X360 in worldwide sales.
XboxFun  +   535d ago
This is what I heard too, that PS3 and 360 are almost tied. But for the past 7 years the PS3 has been playing catch up to the 360, you would think they would have passed them up by now.

Sony was bound to catch up because of their powerful dominance for two gens which cause brand recognition across the whole world. this is why MS HAD to launch a year early.

Even still with MS was able to carve out that strong dominance and become a house hold name along with Sony.

Have to give credit where credit is due.
rainslacker  +   535d ago

I'll post links, since they do indeed give out official numbers at the end of every fiscal year. Their shareholders want that info.

Think you mean FY2012 for Sony though, as they just started their 2013 fiscal year in April. Guess MS is on FY2014 now. Their fiscal year starts on July 1st.

Anyhow, as promised, official numbers from Sony own website.


Total as of FY2011(March2012) end was 63.9m units.

Sony reported shipping 16.5m units for FY2012(ending March2013). From gamechup.com since they seem to be good enough for you to reference.


That brings the total up to 80.4m units as of end of March 2013.

By your own link and admission, MS has sold 78.2 million units by July 2013...4 months later than Sony's own report. Since Sony obviously sold PS3's in that 4 month interim, the gap would be even wider than 78.2 vs 80.4 by June 30th(last day of MS FY 2013).

However, I don't believe any numbers have been released since then, so I may be wrong and they haven't sold a single system since then, but they are over the 80 million mark as of end of FY2012, thus using factual data from the company itself, I have proven your argument wrong since you claim 78.2m units for 360 shipped as of end of FY2013.

I know you'll come back with, "They're including PS2 numbers in there too. Keep in mind though they didn't start doing that until FY 2011, and by then I doubt the difference was that drastic. They discontinued the PS2 right after the end of FY2012, so 1 year may be off. Either way Sony was beating MS in the home console market. How's that for changing the argument? PS2 sold where 360 could not.

So, to throw out my own fan boy nonsense, keep in mind it took MS 1 extra year to not even do the same number of home console sales.

I await your reasoned come back on why I'm completely wrong.:)
#21.1.5 (Edited 535d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(0) | Report
CGI-Quality  +   535d ago
LaLa Land is a place where people go who don't want to face the truth. Sadly, both of your posts prove your residence there.

I don't need to post link(s) - yes, there are quite a bit of them, proving that the PS3 passed the 360. Whether you choose to face reality is on you, but like I said to FRIGID, your merely posting deterrents to the fact that your favored company isn't looking so hot right now.
ziggurcat  +   535d ago
"Xbox-one is still gonna have a great holiday launch with better features and games."

reko  +   535d ago

what an expert. s/
jessupj  +   535d ago
The fact that PS4 is 3rd on Amazons (USA) best sellers and the X1 is now at 7th must make your blood boil.

And that's not forgeting the other bundles.

Right now the PS4 has the US. That could change, but it's unlikely.

I'll be enjoying better developer support on my PS4, if this 4:1 ratio in Sony's favor continues. And that equates to better games and a much better and bigger online community. PS4 has better hardware, so I'll also be enjoying better multiplats as well.

I find it odd how you're gimping yourself by stubbornly sticking to the X1.

Even if you just admited MS is not looking good right now, more people would take you seriously.
#21.5 (Edited 535d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
BlaqMagiq24  +   534d ago
Ah Belking still delusional as always. It's already been proven that the PS3 outSOLD 360 in worldwide numbers and continues to do so. Maybe you should take off those fanboy glasses. They're looking pretty thick right now.
NeutralXP  +   535d ago
Who says Sony will fill it don't see the console launching by at late December or 2014
BG11579  +   534d ago
There are rumors that Sony will release the PS4 the 21st October...
#22.1 (Edited 534d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
jimbobbeers  +   535d ago
All Microsoft care about is the two biggest gaming markets in the world, the US & UK, where they dominated with the 360.
urwifeminder  +   535d ago
I will get some mace and a guard dog so it comes no where near my door.
True_Samurai  +   535d ago
Don't forget land mines
#24.1 (Edited 535d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
latincooker214   535d ago | Personal attack | show
cunnilumpkin  +   535d ago
I kind of hope ms craps on sony next gen, (not because I care, I think both consoles are over-priced, under powered junk, I certainly will NOT be paying over $250 for either) because it will be HILARIOUS!!

there are so many sony zealots on this site, and to see the ps4 get destroyed while the xbox1 goes on to sell record numbers would be priceless

neither console has anything to offer as far as i'm concerned, nearly every game will be on pc for less money with better graphics and mods

and the few exclusives, that are not for kids or sports games, which I never play, ryse and killzone sf, look incredibly bland and generic

truthfully I don't care who wins, its just that sony fans are more annoying than xbox fans

but its like hearing people argue over which vhs player is better

they are both obsolete
ZHZ90  +   535d ago
So what? Because we PS fans excited for PS4 so it should fail? Lol you are bitter.

EDIT: Btw, most of the games you will never see them on PC(Incluing Multiplat games) which makes them not obsolete
#25.1 (Edited 535d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
rainslacker  +   535d ago
Yeah...I mean it's not like PC gamers ever argue over hardware. Intel vs. AMD. NVidia vs AMD. PC vs. Console. PC vs. Linux vs. Mac. Monitor A vs Monitor B-Q. Uberawesome graphics chip GX9000 vs GX9001. Windows XP vs. any other Windows. Constantly complaining devs aren't utilizing the super latest version of DirectX that released 1 month prior, despite the fact games started production at least a year before that version was available. Complaining that features implemented in DirectX aren't available on their version of windows, or their card doesn't support that version of directX

They also argue just as much over which games are the best, and clamor over who gets an extra fps at ultra settings. PC gamers are no different than console gamers, they just act like fan boys over different things.

Get over yourself. if you don't care about consoles, this site has a PC section for you to read articles on.
#25.2 (Edited 535d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
LarsHoneyTOAST  +   534d ago
Troll-Master9000 detected!
BlaqMagiq24  +   534d ago
So why even comment on here then? Your comment then is completely pointless. Go back to playing graphics while the rest of us play REAL games.
deadie  +   534d ago

By making that post you proven that you really do care.

Sad thing. Must be annoying to see all the buzz about the new consoles and nothing about PC gaming nowadays eh?
cunnilumpkin  +   534d ago
no, pc doesn't need buzz to make more money than ps3 and xbox360 combined

it doesn't need press conferences to try to make itself legitimate

unlike console, pc just gets better every year, more options, more freedom, more free games, more mods, more emulators, more genres, more places to buy games cheaper

places like humble bundle where yesterday I got dead space 1 and 3, burnout paradise, medal of honor, and a bunch more for $1

nothing about pc gaming is annoying, its fuc%ing beautiful

console fans are annoying though, they think their trashy $400 plastic turds are actually valid, or in anyway shape or form on par with pc

you kids don't get it

ps4/xbox1 are not even in league with a gaming pc from 2009
sigfredod  +   535d ago
So now microsoft release the new video for 8 afected countrys
#26 (Edited 535d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
GABRIEL1030  +   535d ago
This is a very difficult situation for the Xbox division: customers worried, bad initials policies, product with less technology, high price, critics everywhere, bad publicity, turns and contradictions, lies and now probably problems with the manufacture. The company cant cancel the launch because there a lot of machines in fabrication, customers with preorders, games in development, compromises with other firms. Must be a nightmare for Microsoft executives. I hope, for the good of the industry, that the Xbox division can recuperate the lost terrain.
#27 (Edited 535d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
OmegaShen  +   535d ago
PS4 day one, Xbox One when its cheaper. Plus after 360's fail rate, best to see if the new Xbox won't have that problem.

Doesn't matter, I will own them all XD
Bathyj  +   535d ago
This whole thing just reeks of a console rushed to market, you cant tell me all the changes theyve made havent effected the schedule.

I dont really want to support MS anyway cos of how they treat their fanbase but I even if I do get an XBOne I wouldnt touch it in the first year till we see if its going to be reliable.
CuddlyREDRUM  +   535d ago
That is what I was thinking.

They are changing just about everything about the console, putting a headset in, and trying to tweak performance without the console starting on fire.
MarkusMcNugen  +   534d ago
Most of those changes are software related, and Microsoft is a software company first and foremost...

That was some nice stealth trolling you pulled right there.

"even if I do get an XBOne I wouldnt touch it in the first year till we see if its going to be reliable."
USMC_POLICE  +   535d ago
Microsoft is probably moving all the units to north america so they can capture that market seeing how its most profitable for them.
nades_all_night  +   535d ago
This is an interesting theory. Honestly after all of this backtracking by Microsoft, nothing would surprise me.

Let's for a moment say that this is the case, I still feel they have an uphill battle in North America regardless of the amount of consoles they can have at the ready. And this isn't a mole hill, more like a mountain.
#30.1 (Edited 535d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
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