Final Fantasy XIV demand is high; Collector’s Edition sold out

In just several days, the much anticipated Final Fantasy XIV on both the PS3 and PC will finally launch worldwide. If you still haven’t purchased a copy yet, you can still do so on both digital and physical standard versions, but don’t expect to see the physical Collector’s Edition anywhere as all stores are sold out.

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Lucreto1139d ago

It is still available on

I want the PS4 version but I want the collector edition.

Lovable1139d ago

Do we even have release date for PS4? My patience is already low, so I'm gonna buy it for the PS3. However, once they release this for the PS4, I might transfer over.

Lucreto1139d ago

They said early 2014. I say late March as they don't want it to clash with Lightning Returns.

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NegativeCreepWA1139d ago

I tried to get one, but I was too late.

NegativeCreepWA1139d ago

If you look at the ps3 reservations that released last week, it only has around 40,000 preorders, people need to get out there and get it!

The_Truth_24_71139d ago

I'll wait for the PS4 version.

PickAShoe1139d ago

Helm of light, why put old final fantasy equip in a new final fantasy? it feels weird.

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