Grand Theft Auto V 3D Map

Rockstarturk: In recent days, during much of this period in the name of GTA V screenshots published on YouTube with the sketchy style with 3D map of San Andreas is revealed. The city center and mountainous areas, where the study is how big the map, in hindsight hindsight reveals an image of life will not end. Without further ado let alone with the video for you.

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mark134uk1831d ago

would enjoy running around with my oculus rift on ;)

Clover9041831d ago

I can't wait for the consumer version!

Spoons1831d ago

Hopefully soon!

Interesting question: Would it change the way you act (running people over by the dozens) if the game suddenly became that much more realistic to your senses?

dcj05241831d ago

I'd be a bit more concious of my actions for sure.