5 Reasons to get on board with Xbox One

Dan Tunnicliffe takes a look at the lackluster Xbox One reveal and 5 reasons we should get on board with the Xbox One.

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golding891470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

I was already on board. Xbox one day one.

In the end, xbox one will sell well.
It might start out slow but this next gen has not even begun to be mid-way point.

All those who disagree are closed minded.. PS3 started horrible. Time is the best healer.

xHeavYx1470d ago

I can tell 180 (times 3 so far) reasons not to get on board

FanboyCrusher1470d ago

They changed everything you didn't like and you still complain. I can tell you one reason you won't get one, or acknowledge it's advantages, you're a fanboy.

Damned if they do, damned if they don't. Now that they have everything you want why bother complaining? You have no valid reason to complain about the Xbox One. We have two great consoles coming, just pick one, or get both. Nobody needs to hear about how one sucks in your mind, because they don't, and they won't.

805Junior8051470d ago

@fanboycrusher you stated exactly why everyone is getting a PS4
And not an Xbox one. "They changed everything you didn't like.." Thats the reason people aren't buying an Xbox one. There is another console that already had everything I did like and isn't changing its mind every other week like a high school girl. The only reason that "they changed everything you didn't like" was due to share holders seeing the numbers of how bad they are doing with pre order numbers. Why do you think that the Xbox One hasn't even gone into production yet and downsized their release. They haven't been approved to go into production and I see them pushing back the release date.

JackStraw1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

@fanboycrusher so everyone who doesn't want one is a fanboy? yeah okay.

i wish you kids would accept that not everyone wants the console that you all so desperately want to bear your children. my god.

GT671470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

5 reasons to get on board hmmmm????? nothing comes to mind.

but im damn sure MS will plug the hell out of x1 til gamers become their blind SHEEPS again.
these articles are like hypnotist keep coming,and coming, and coming, and coming, and coming,few article bad mouthing ps4,keep coming,coming,coming,coming something new to spark interest,coming,coming,coming til you think x1 is the coolest console ever!!! that is called BRAIN WASHING BLIND SHEEPS. no matter how MS spin-it "it is what it is" brain washing.

n4rc1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

Lol.. Hasn't gone into production yet.. That's a good one

Its cool if you think ps4 is better and that's what you want.. But why the need to continually troll every single Xbox article to state that?

Nobody gives a s*** anymore.. We get it.. You don't like it.. Move on with your life!!!

If any of these people are over 16 and are honestly getting offended by people not agreeing with them.. It makes me weep for humanity lol


I could copy and paste your post and say the exact same thing.. Anyone that doesn't think ps4 is gods gift to gaming is just some fanboy aren't they?

Fine.. Your not a fanboy, just a troll.. So much better! Lol

MarkusMcNugen1469d ago


Haha, opinion pieces and marketing your console is brainwashing... You know everything you said applies the same amount to Sony right?

Im seriously doubting you know what brainwashing or indoctrination really is.

ShinMaster1469d ago (Edited 1469d ago )

5 Reasons to get an Xbox One if:

#1 You're an Xbox fan.
#2 You're an Xbox fan.
#3 You're used to its "community".
#4 You want Halo
#5 You want Gears(?)

I can't think of any other legitimate reason to do so.
And when people claim they're excited for the TV features and Kinect... I don't buy it. Who are you trying to fool, son?!

Otherwise, personally, the smarter choice for me is PS4.
It's cheaper. It's powerful. Sony has proven to consistently support their consoles with great exclusives all the way to the end. I prefer the games on it. PS Plus. And friends, of course.

tommygunzII1469d ago

I wouldn't get on board with X1 for reasons people seem to have forgotten.
Number one being the lack of first party games after year one. You're also better off playing the same games on PC, just like with the 360.

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PSVita1470d ago

Those aren't reason at all lol I'd say

1. Redesigned controller (if that's what you prefer)

2. The voice controlled Interface

3. Every Xbox one is a dev kit


5. Exclusive content for games

PSVita1470d ago

@black0o- I'm not sure if you're referring to my #3 or the articles.

DanTunnicliffe1470d ago

I agree, i can remember the backlash at the original price point for the PS3 but the PS3 has gone from strength to strength. Obviously there were a few hiccups cough* Data leak cough* but some great experiences as well.

Thatguy-3101470d ago

ps3 had free online though and exclusives that weren't match by any other console. Microsoft cant compete with that. Now both consoles charge for online which wont make a big difference. Sony also has an advantage worldwide where Microsoft just has a strong presence in the US. Sony is in the best place to Dominate next Gen.

dark-hollow1470d ago


MS is still known for having the edge when it comes to online features for xbl (while psn plus is great value for what you pay thanks to the free games collection)

MS are investing 1 billion dollars exclusively for games and if the recent E3 is anything to go by, the signs are suggesting that they are focusing on core games again. The only thing remains is if that support will continue through the xbone lifespan.

tommygunzII1469d ago

PS3 had games, the most important aspect.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1470d ago

Waits for the people pretending to be neutral and disagree about xbxo 180,s ect.

Insomnia_841470d ago

5 reasons to NOT get on board with the Xbox One80

1. Microsoft
2. NSA
3. Kinect
4. Weaker System
5. Can't trust them.

There! I could go on but I'll leave it at that.

True_Samurai1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

1.) Sony
2.) Overprices hardware
3.) Brings nothing new but a pad
4.)Haven't seen a better looking game
5.) No company can be trusted
6.) Hardware department has terrible electronics
7.) Returned my sony TV last year cause its color bulb blew twice!
8.) Most annoying fanboys
9.) Xbox audience are more mature
10.) XB controller > Dual Shock 4

That was fun

devwan1470d ago

8. You're Dutch, Belgian, Russian, Swiss, Swedish, Finnish, Danish or Norwegian.

stage881470d ago

9. Apps and all good features behind paywall

NatureOfLogic1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

11. VCR look and power brick

JackStraw1470d ago

the reason i'm not buying xbox one is because they've made no real attempt to pull indie devs. it's like they don't care about anything that's not a AAA blockbuster game like halo or call of duty. that tells me a lot about a company that's involved in games. GAMES are more than just AAA games. not every game that releases is going to have cod or halo success. some of the best games i've played this gen were indie games. and some of the games i'm anticipating most are indie games.

that's just me. i'm not a fanboy. i'm not schizophrenic. i'm just a guy who enjoys playing games.

Rimeskeem1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )


It's wht people prefer and also the dual shock 4 is the preferred controller for devs and also Sony has super nice and awesome people and they give what gamers want and gamers this gen did not want innovation from Sony and they are happy with why they did with the console so if you don't like that ok but don't go saying they ps4 sucks.

Also same with the ps4 fans no need to say Xbox one sucks or anything so can we all jut be nice to each other and get out preferred console

dark-hollow1470d ago

5 reasons to get xbone.

1. MS incredible online service
2. Exclusives like ryse, forza, DR3, halo.
3. Arguably an amazing and comfortable controller
4. Great OS features like the snap multitasking.
5. Every xbone is a div kit which could lead to a great indie support.

Can't wait for the xbone myself, if you don't like it then more power to you.

MarkusMcNugen1469d ago

Its always nice to see troll brigade out in full force. Some of those are legitate reasons, just not most.

VENOMACR1469d ago

Seriously, some of you have the DUMBEST reasons not to buy one. Not to mention almost all trolls.

- Batteries: Are you too stupid to buy rechargeable batteries that last for years and can be used for multiple devices? Only a fool would continue to buy batteries. Enjoy sitting 2 ft from the TV while your controller charges, I'll get 2 recharged batteries and go back to sitting wherever I want, cordless.

- More expensive: You can afford $400, cause thats cheap, but $500 is outrageous? By the time your done buying games and accessories your looking in the $600 range for a POS4. But spending $100 more for a system is mind blowing.

-Weaker system: Since when do specs matter? Look at the POS3. Way better specs then 360, yet the 360 sells better. Cross platform games look identical. So just cause it's more powerful doesn't mean it's better.

-Microsoft: What company isn't trying to make money? Thats why a company exists. Getting mad at them because they want to charge you for things. What a concept. How dare they make a profit. I guess Sony charging for online is OK though. You must hate bottled water companies who charge you for something you could drink for free.....water.

-Apps and features behind paywall: Who buys a game system for the apps? No one. Thats why you have a tablet, PC, or smart phone. Mostly everythings behind a paywall now and Live has millions more subscribers then POS+. And your free sub-pay gaming is now going to cost you, enjoy that.

-Children play Xbox: Really? More children play Wii and POS then the Xbox.

-VCR look and power brick: The power supply keeps you from buying a system? Lol. POS4 doesn't look any better. Looks like uneven flooring tile.

I could say the reason I'm not buying a POS4 is that it's ugly, the controller blows, no truly new games, PS+ is a joke, no innovation just some new hardware and a new shell, and it's expensive ($400/$500, its still not cheap). But I'm not getting one so I dont care and I wouldn't troll on a Sony topic just so I could share my stupidity with POS fans.

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thetruthx11470d ago

The biggest reason not to get a Ps4 is the fact that Mark Cerny created it

And he is responsible for Knack lol

CGI-Quality1470d ago

Yeah, developers agree.....Oh wait.

OT: I'm getting an X1 next year, because there are games that I have to have, but considering the price differences, I decided to go with the PS4 first.

oscarcat591470d ago

The main reason people buy consoles are the games. Both console are more than good enough to play games well. The console that has the games and features that people like will sell the most. One would think that those who enjoy games would agree with this. But when fanboys speak intelligents drops lol