Destructoid- Review: Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar

DT:Beyond the bugs and pesky purchases, Ultima Forever is actually a pretty solid touch RPG. The controls work far better than you'd expect, and there's a ton of content to explore. It's also really, really simple to jump into a dungeon or two if you have some free time and grab a few friends along the way. That setup is exactly the way mobile games should operate -- but unfortunately Ultima Forever forgoes a fair premium price in favor of greedy microtransactions.

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SavageKuma1948d ago

Nicely done review, makes me want to download it. This is an OS I can get into.

sdozzo1948d ago

Anyone know of an Android version?

blackmanone1948d ago

Sigh, the Ultima I knew is dead and gone. Doesn't look bad, but doesn't look or feel "Ultima" in the slightest. Anyone who played the originals will know what I mean.