New Call of Duty Ghosts Game Modes - Cranked

New CoD Ghosts Mode - Cranked - Blow up if you don't get another kill within the time limit.

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sevilha821950d ago

Didn´t a similar gamemode existed in Unreal tournament...?

Pascalini1950d ago

Don't actually like the look of this mode- seems too hectic

HammadTheBeast1950d ago

Those ADHD 9 years old that make up CoD's target audience will be all over this.

M-M1950d ago

That's the point, a game mode for gun on gun your done gameplay. Sadly, I can already see this being exploited by those with a camper mentality.

jdktech20101950d ago

How? They camp and get a kill and die in 30 seconds if they keep camping. I'm sure there's an exploit to anything but this seems awfully anti-camper to me.

M-M1950d ago


I said this in another article, but all you would have to do is find a high point and study which routes people run and where high traffic areas are. 30 seconds is more than enough time for someone to run through your line of sight.

Mikeyy1950d ago

Lets speed up the game play even more, so the lag compensation can be even more noticable -_-

The gameplay video showed off how bad the lag is, watch those instant deaths nonstop.

Rezka1950d ago

Lol lag in the gameplay video? they were playing on Lan not wifi

Mikeyy1949d ago

Watch again, watch how sometimes he gets red on his screen then dies, and sometimes he just instantly dies, with no warning.

He should always atleast flinch once before he dies, as nobody was using a 1HK weapon in that video.

JetsFool35001950d ago

COD in its entirety is a joke

stage881950d ago

The last thing I want in call of duty is the gameplay to get any faster.
It's honestly too much.
They should just rename this "Seizure mode".

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