The Unpopular Opinion: Games We Liked That Many Did Not

SuperPhillip Central writes, "We all have them-- games that we absolutely enjoyed, yet either a vocal minority or a great many people just didn't care for, or even hated. That's the subject of today's article on SuperPhillip Central. Here we look back at nine games from gaming past that we enjoyed playing but a fair number of folks disliked. These are the types of games that may have gotten thrown through the proverbial ringer by critics and reviewers, lambasted by gamers, and/or had consumers turn their collective noses up to. Hopefully we won't be the only ones liking these titles."

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Donnieboi1948d ago

Some of my favorite games that were not very w ell-received were SaGa Frontier 1, Lemmings 3d, Pac-Attack, etc

From the article, I also liked LBP Karting (it's just a tad bit slow, I think Mod Nation Racer (made by same guys) was has exciting races though), and Metroid Prime Hunters could have been great today if it had online and used the 3ds's second analog stick attachment.

beezlebozz1947d ago

Having never played the original perfect dark, i really did fall in love with pdz when it came out, the story was okay but it was all about playing it online with friends. The multiplayer modes were so good, specially when back then almost all of xbl would be playing the same gamr!