Breaking Down What We Saw In Call Of Duty: Ghost's Multiplayer Reveal

Kotaku: "We just got a lot of juicy details for the next Call of Duty. Fans of the multiplayer for one of Activision's biggest franchises will want to tune in here to hear a breakdown by myself and other CoD experts."

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VENOMACR1952d ago

I'll be honest, but to me Battlefield graphics looked way better including the sounds of the gun. The scale of the environment in BF looks massive. I wasn't blown away by the graphics and details. Some of the new modes and create a class are cool, but the gameplay looks the same on every COD. I'll be getting BF.

Spoons1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

Well that's how it's always been. Battlefield is generally known for better graphics and sound, yet more slow, strategic, and realistic game play.

This is not everyone's cup of tea.

The Call of Duty franchise is known for worse presentation but more focus on the fast paced, twitch type game play. It's also a great game for all ages and experience levels, even a child could hop on and have some amount of fun. It's simpler. To an extent COD is more forgiving and doesn't require as much skill or team play.

This lends itself to a wider audience, thus why COD still sells more copies than BF (don't quote me on that!).

Again, this may not be everyone's cup of tea.

It all depends on what kind of experience you like.

VENOMACR1952d ago

I was just disappointed in the graphics. To me it didn't look next gen. Compared to games like Forza, Metal Gear, Titanfall, The Division, just looked blah. It's not all about the graphics, but when buying next gen I expect it to really blow me away graphically like all the others have.

MiasmaDodo1952d ago

I will probably get this because 5 friends and 4 family members are getting it.

I like the customization. I just wasnt blown away by the graphics or gameplay at all.

I am sure it will be fun though.

Ultraplayerxp1952d ago

COD makes me not excited for next gen.

SaffronCurse1952d ago

What I wanted to see was more battlefield footage

jackanderson19851952d ago

What with the reveal that the player data like levelling and what not transfers over when/if you upgrade to next gen I hope none of the achievement are related to levelling as on the Xbox there'll be two sets of achievements for the 360 and x1. Unsure if PS3/4 have the same thing

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