Battlefield 4: Current-gen to next-gen multiplayer data transfer confirmed

Battlefield 4 players will be able to transfer their multiplayer data and Premium membership from current-generation consoles to next-generation consoles, EA has confirmed.

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Da Ill One1802d ago

What about our BF 3 stats? Will they carry over to BF 4?

famoussasjohn1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

Battlefield 3 stats do not carry to Battlefield 4.

This is in regards to if you buy Battlfield 4 on Xbox or PS3 and buy the Xbox One or PS4, the stats for Battlefield 4 will transfer over, along with Premium if you have that for Battlefield 4. Your Battlefield 3 Premium does not transfer to Battlefield 4.

It's also a one time transfer, you can't go back and forth.

MWong1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

Why would your BF3 stats transfer over to BF4? The only thing that is transferring are your BF4 stats from current-gen to your next-gen console.

Kleptic1802d ago

but, just to clarify, you do get that veteran status stuff for battelog, by putting 'x hours' into various other battlefield games with the same origin get some dog tags and possibly side arm unlocks for Bf4...they did the same thing with BF3...nothing new...

but yeah...'stats' don't carry over...why he asked that is beyond me...

MWong1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

What the article is basically saying is if you buy BF4 on PS3/XB360 and buy it on PS4/XB1 with the press of a button all your unlocks and stats can be transferred with 1 button.

Correct, your veteran status and stuff increases with every BF installment and that won't change as long as you continue using the same Origin account. I don't know what they might offer this time for veteran status.

I loved the WWII pack they offered with BC2 though. The M1 Garand was a nice little throw back.

1802d ago
KwietStorm1802d ago

Why the hell would your stats from BF3 carry over to BF4?

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SillyYou1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

Actually no... i don't want to buy the game twice so i don't get outleveled from my friends.

I'll come in on my brandnew BF4 on Ps4 and what i see are people on high ranks. That's stupid and unfair. :(

BALLARD321802d ago

Same here except I just don't want to be at a disadvantage on day one of the next gen version.

Hufandpuf1802d ago

You don't want to buy it on current gen, but others might. Stop being so selfish.

KwietStorm1802d ago

Well it's not "unfair," because the option is available to you as well. Higher ranks don't mean better players either, so just play the game and stop making little sad faces.

SillyYou1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )


Higher ranks mean better equipment, i think thats fact.

KwietStorm1802d ago

Yes, better equipment, but only good in the hands of a better player is my point. And as we can see in BF3, with the M16 just as one example, the "better" equipment doesn't always come with high ranks.

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Mr-SellJack1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

Man what idiotic living being would buy the same game twice?And this a muliplayer focused game
Anyways pretty good news

Transporter471802d ago

maybe if they release before the Xone or PS4, or for people that won't do the jump to next gen as soon as the consoles are released.

famoussasjohn1802d ago

Well, the game comes out possibly before next gen hardware, people want to play the game and may not want to wait for it on next gen.

tracyllrkn1802d ago

Because if someone doesn't have the money for a new system, or won't buy a next gen console until 2014, they can play it on current gen. When they upgrade, it won't be a problem.

sAVAge_bEaST1802d ago

that's good, but doesn't really matter, since Ps4+Bf4, day one.

cyclindk1802d ago

Glad many companies seem to be doing this. Really smart and helpful for the consumer.

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