Disney Platformers (Part 2: Castle of Illusion, Sega) - Video Retrospective

(Turn on cpations in the video)

In the early 90s there is probably no studio that is looking for crowd-pulling IPs as desperately as Sega. Not only do they want to sell games, they have to convince their audience to invest in hardware as well, the 8-bit Master System console and the successor 16bit Genesis. What Nintendo has shown so successful with titles like Super Mario Bros. or Legend of Zelda is not easily repeated though.

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darthv721948d ago

castle of illusion and world of illusion are two of my favorite genesis games. Quackshot is also really good.

i know Sega is working on a castle of illusion word on if they plan on doing world and quackshot but both are deserving of some hd facelifts.

pressplayAT1948d ago

I really hope they do Quackshot next!