Need for Speed: Rivals Personalization Screens Released

Electronic Arts has released five new screens that feature the revamped personalization in Need for Speed: Rivals.

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Kayant1950d ago

Hopefully it goes deeply than that. Looks like we are getting some things back from the old NFS:MS (The best one IMO). EA don't fail this time.

MWong1950d ago

Needs to go back to NFS:UG2/PS with the level of customization/ personalization of your vehicle. A paint job doesn't mean much to me, I want real vehicle customization.

RavageX1944d ago

Agreed. Just a paint job is definitely not my idea of real customization.

I'm guessing the car companies don't really want people playing with the designs, who knows.

MWong1944d ago

I doubt that's the case, look at The Crew. That game is going to be complete vehicle customization. I think they just got lazy.

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Reborn1950d ago

This should have never been removed in the first place, especially from Most Wanted.

But, it needs much more than paints to be what it was. I hope a lot more can be done, as in previous games...or even more. Good start though.

AfterThought1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Is this being made strictly by EA this time? Or is Criterion working on it again?

Criterion did a good job in their perspective light but it still felt like Burnout too much to me.

Retroman1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

yeah, criterion got there BURNOUT ass part of it... their sister Ghost Games STUDIO developing "RIVAL" so we'll have burnout feeling once again.


rather have customization like UNDERGROUND had.

JunioRS1011950d ago

How stupid do they think we are...?

Like they try to get us all amped up with these lammme announcements, all of which aren't the least exciting.

Oh, Saint's Row! COD! Need For Speed!

We've seen it sooo many times before...

It's similar to when presidential candidates have 'debates' about civil issues - it's all a facade. It's all still the same and it's going to keep being the same until we stop paying for their B$.

Iceman_Nightmare1950d ago

Screw this game! We need a Underground sequel, with cops!

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