Call of Duty: Ghosts Global Multiplayer Reveal

Join us for the world premiere of the next generation of Call of Duty® multiplayer. The team at Infinity Ward will be giving the Call of Duty community the first details on what everyone can expect this fall when Call of Duty®: Ghosts launches worldwide. The global reveal will go in-depth on all things multiplayer, and will include several world premiere announcements for the millions of fans that play Call of Duty every year.

*130p EST*
*1030a PDT*


I have boosted the heat on this since it is a timed Live event.

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Goose991950d ago

Im in front of my computer and waiting to see the same stuff from the last 7 years. I just hope this one finally has dedicated servers. PLEEEAASSSEEEE!

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HammadTheBeast1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Same as ever, I'm done. BF4 all the way.

Would've looked good if it was on current Gen, it's sad when the only thing you have going for you are round scopes and dogs.

XB1_PS41950d ago

I'm getting bf4... The world in cod still seems so stiff. Dynamic event on a map aren't the same as destructible environments..

SolidStoner1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

lol, it looks good.. but not as nearly good as BF4... Trailer was like the maximum possible arcade show off... the music, the dog.. all those non important little gimnicks show off... funny..
it could be fun playing with friends... but common.. so many good games come out.. GT6, GTA5, BF4 and so on.. I will not have time for this... maybe later, will get it cheaper to have fun with friends..

and prestige looks more mature now...

10 custom players, each player earns 1 prestige maximum.. 10 prestiges together.. this time guns and everything stay..

Phene1950d ago

This ish was WEAK ...BF4 trailer was paced, not flashy scenes, rap music ...and then literally made my jaw drop when I saw a skycraper come down. This is the same old same old, but it will sell like hot cakes. I prefer team work, this is a fancy arcade shooter

stage881950d ago

Is it me or have they sped up the gameplay even more?

I can't keep track of what the hell is going on.
This confirmed that I won't be picking it up.

thechosenone1950d ago

Peak&lean, dual rendered scopes = Red Orchestra

jumping/knifing animations = BF3

Slide/picking up dropped tags = Crysis 2

This game looks old and plays like every other FPS out on the market today. No thanks.

GuyThatPlaysGames1950d ago

@sofresh You mean pre-scripted destruction right? Battlefield isn't real destruction.

BattleAxe1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

If I had to choose between CoD:Ghosts, BF4 or Titanfall, it would be Titanfall. CoD and BF4 look good, but I have a tough time getting excited about CoD these days since I spent so many hours with the series up until MW3 released.

BF4 should be good, but there are some issues with how unbalanced the multiplayer matches can be because of aircraft and the fact that there really isn't much to counteract players who are good pilots, since AA guns are useless, and aircraft vehicles have never ending flares to render heat seeking missiles useless.

Titanfall looks fresh to me, so that's probably the game I'll end up picking up.

Gaming1011950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Meh, I'd rather play Killzone on PS4, it's sad when there are PS3 games outperforming next gen Call of Duty. I mean really, did they spend all extra profits on a marketing budget with Eminem and those ridiculous commercials?

So far all I see is customizing your character, some new lame modes, some new lame weapons that are rehashes of old weapons, a dog that follows you around, some animations that have already been done better in the current generation, some minor tweaks here and there...

It's missing something that would've won a lot of people over IMO - there's still no progress on matchmaking where if I'm just starting out I don't get put up against losers with nothing better to do with their lives than prestige COD 10 times and play 15 hours a day. Everyone hates those people, and there's still nothing that allows the game to match you with people of your same experience points level. I don't care to be dropped into a game with people who have unlocked every single perk, gun, attachment, and have memorized every camping site on the map, when I've just started and haven't unlocked a thing.

Every fighting game has this option of only fighting those within your experience points range, it's amazing CoD hasn't picked up on this yet.

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XB1_PS41950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

I'm excited to see how the Xb1's servers are. See if they really live up to the hype.. This is a demo on XB1 right? Hopefully it's not 360.


Didn't even think about that. That sucks.

HammadTheBeast1950d ago

Sadly you won't see the lag or anything, these events are through LAN, so it makes it look better than it is.

MestreRothN4G1950d ago

If it is played on XB1, I really hope they prove they're actually playing it on the console, to avoid that E3 fiasco ricocheting...


well maybe it's just me, but i still see the lag comp issue on lan and watching this video it looks like nothing has changed at all.

same instadeath and all that crap by the looks of it.

it's a no go for me.

FITgamer1950d ago

They are playing on the 360 look at the controllers right before the match starts.

ABizzel11950d ago


They could be playing on PC, with a 360 controller, which is more likely.

FITgamer1950d ago

@Abizzel1 would the on screen button prompts still be the same? At one point you see the X(360) prompt on the screen.

1950d ago
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davekaos1950d ago

Well it does not look next gen at all!!!! Oh look they also copied the BF knife animation.

Best thing so far was hearing eminem's new album will be dropping this fall

davekaos1950d ago

God its getting worse, everything new they have added is a rip-off of BF.

How they can call this next gen is beyond me

titletownrelo1950d ago

I was actually impressed by the reveal, it looked enjoyable and the customization sounds great. I still prefer Battlefield over this, but I watched the reveal with an open mind...

You fanboys treat Battlefield and COD as if they are competing religions, when they really are just GAMES. TOYS. PLASTIC.

MrSwankSinatra1950d ago

Eminent is garbage. He'll never be good as he once was. Same thing with jay & Kanye. Nas is the only one that manages to stay consistent

thechosenone1950d ago

Gameplay is old and tired now, it's time to retire this puppy. I'm looking forward to Killzone, BF4, Destiny, PlanetSide2, next-gen.

joe901950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Pre-ordered, this COD looks wicked.

A lot different to rest of the series by the looks of things. i like how you can use the environment to get kills.

Also Cranked game mode looks amazing, gonna spend a lot of hours on that.

JackStraw1950d ago

indeed it does. if you're getting it for ps4, msg me. :)

spicelicka1950d ago

Good, you two fools can now enjoy yourselves without disturbing people in better games.

finbars751950d ago

Your not missing anything.Im watching it and all I have to say is Copy and paste of the Battlefield series.Im actually shocked at how bad this is.Everything they have announced was already announced by Dice for Battlefield4.On the up side the new gamemodes look fun as hell especially Cranked.I like that sliding and look around corner was added to the gameplay.Playing games like Brink that has this makes the gameplay more verstile and alot more enteresting for kills or being killed harder.Graphics looks alright still not sold on that one.The graphics dont really improve alot.I see a little difference but not alot.Both Bf4 and Ghost look good for either core player.I will get BF4 first then Ghost a little later until im 100% sold on Ghost.

CYCLEGAMER1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

It is so funny to hear the world's reaction to something and then come here and hear the complete opposite. COMEDY!!

AngelicIceDiamond1950d ago

My internet is down so I missed most of the reveal. I had to catch it on my phone. How was it? From what I've seen it looked quicker paced. Damn phone, can anybody fill me in?

joe901950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Day 1 for me also TAURUS


TekoIie1950d ago

I havent played a COD game in a while. Black Ops was the last one I bought so I think I'll pick this up since it has a fair share of new things for COD :)

BuLLDoG9091950d ago

for the most profitable franchise ever, it really looks like theyv done fuk all for this "new engine".
what a fukn disgrace to gamers all over the world. take must honestly take us all for idiots...

BF4 all the way

die_fiend1950d ago

Looks proper budget compared to BF4. Are these meant to be the next-gen graphics?! There are many better looking current gen games than this. And once again, looks like they've done a Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V job

GamerzElite1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

No dedicated server.... no COD for me... I am tired of playing with LAG.

bumnut1950d ago

You can still get lag on dedicated servers

xtremeimport1950d ago

I will never understand the fascination with this series. But, i guess their sales speak for themselves so who am I to judge.

Just not a game I think is any where near as good as its $$$ shows.

IRON883 1950d ago

It's does look like COD because it is COD but I'm kinda pumped up for the game hope they have it balanced for launch

TheFanboySlayer1950d ago

I mean COD is COD....People are gonna buy it...a shit ton of people. They can't really do much to overhaul the game even. All those minor tweaks they've added aren't revolutionary at all. That's why no one is really impressed anymore. There wasn't a "WOW" or "OMG!" moment at all from me during the reveal and that says something. I predict COD will die this upcoming gen...which I'm happy about. There needs to be a new fresh face in the FPS genre. And to all of u who are saying BF4 looks doesn't look that good. There are even less tweaks and minor fixes than COD:Ghosts. Same engine, etc.. The only reason people herald the game now is because it did have a "WOW" and "ZOMG" moment and thats when the skyscraper fell. Don't get me wrong, I said wow too but thats it. a wow moment can sell games.

JunoDivided1948d ago

While your right that it was minor tweaks in Battlefield 4 it IS a completely new engine

TheFanboySlayer1948d ago

BF3 uses the Frostbite 3 Engine and BF4 uses Frostbite 3. Only reason it looks amazing on nextgen consoles is because Frostbite 3 was downscaled for currentgen consoles. Call of Duty uses the same engine with some ok updates updates.

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e-p-ayeaH1950d ago

This will tell if call of duty still as legs to move into the next generation.

Benjammin251950d ago

From what i've seen so far, it looks almost the same as always. Not necessarily bad, but not great either.

e-p-ayeaH1950d ago

yeah pretty much its not bad but it doesnt impress that much.

Kurt Russell1950d ago

It kind of looked how it should have 3-4 years ago leaving miles behind the competition... The thing that winds me up most of all though... is how poor their particle system is with the explosions etc. They clearly are still sitting on their laurels for the 7th year running.

Lovable1950d ago

I think I'll pass on this and buy the next COD next year.

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MestreRothN4G1950d ago

I still hope for innovation.

Gster1950d ago

Everyone's gonna have a pet dog in MP that's gonna lick your enemies to death! And with the Oculus Rift on you really will die from laughin so hard :P

HammadTheBeast1950d ago

Keep your hopes low, and you won't be as disappointed as I've been for the past 4 games.

MestreRothN4G1950d ago

Yes, I'm doing it, but the spark and good memories of having lots of fun on past entries are still there.