BD Touch: Stream your Blu-ray movies off your PS3

NetBlender has now made an official announcement of their new iPhone and iPod touch application that will allow BD-Live Blu-ray players like the PS3 to stream content including the movie from the Blu-ray disc to the iDevice:

NetBlender's BD Touch technology enhances the capabilities of BD Live by enabling two-way communication with Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch. BD Touch uses the BD Live network connection built into Blu-ray players and the WiFi connection on the iPhone to connect the devices.

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decapitator3900d ago

Looks real nice, too bad am not big on the iPhone. Nonetheless its a cool feature to use if you have an iPhone and a PS3.

whoelse3900d ago

Or iPod touch! :)

Luckily i won one in a competition!


decapitator3900d ago

What competition is that ? Sign me up..:)

whoelse3900d ago (Edited 3900d ago )

:D It was a skl competition. I was in a team of 5 and we came second in a national enterprise competition.

sonarus3900d ago

Now how about some ipod support and possibly a stripped down version of itunes for my ps3????

Storm233900d ago

Couldn't agree more sonarus

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PS360WII3900d ago

Sweet ^^ I'm gonna be trying this out when it is released

Fishy Fingers3900d ago (Edited 3900d ago )

Me to! I love new features to play around with, especially ones as functional as this. Oh, and free....

Just need the Quake mod to get released now and I'm good to go!

butterfinger3900d ago

This is pretty awesome for those of us that own an iPod touch. My iPod and PS3 are really 2 expensive investments that just keep getting more valuable with time:)

whoelse3900d ago

Hopefully someone will see sense and allow us to play our music and videos on our PS3s straight off the iPod.

butterfinger3900d ago

That would be great, however I don't expect it to happen anytime soon:/

jacobdevos3900d ago

i am completely floored by this.
one of the coolest features for a new format, like bluray, to introduce.
i wonder what else will come our way now that bluray took the lead

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