Xbox One Hardware Gallery - Our Exclusive Photos

NowGamer: "Want a closer look of the Xbox One? Want to know how shiny the shiny bits are and how, erm, venty the vents are? What to ogle every corner, button and port?

Well, we've got a gallery of Xbox One hardware photos - whittled down from an insane 800 or so images - that takes an in-depth look at the Xbox One from every angle."

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darthv721952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

the more i see it...the more i want it now. Same with Ps4. Now i have bad thoughts in my head of some odd 3 way with the two of them.

Margaret thatcher naked on a cold day...Margaret thatcher naked on a cold day...

whoa, that was close. now Im back to happy thoughts. Not of Margaret thatcher

TimmyShire1952d ago

I initially didn't like the look of the console, but it has grown on me admittedly. Still looks a lot like the betamax, lol, but I wouldn't turn it away from my TV!

(though technically I am because I'm getting a PS4, at least first)

HugoDrax1952d ago

"I initially didn't like the look of the console, but it has grown on me admittedly."

As a professional designer, I must say that's the beauty of design. Everyone has preconceived notions about a product, then once it's revealed sometimes you are disappointed in its aesthetics. Eventually, you'll discover more interesting aspects about that product that peaks your interest. It may change your perception, just takes some time. As Microsoft stated months ago "It's not a sprint"

bromtown1952d ago

I was never offended by the Xbox after all it's just a shiny black box, more disappointed it wasn't smaller and more futuristic - I imagine it'll date quickly as tech gets smaller towards the middle/end of it's life cycle though.

koolaid2511952d ago

Sony made betamax witch failed back in the day!!!

Mystogan1952d ago

Its not as big as most people thought it was, its just a littlebit bigger then the original 360.

PeaSFor1952d ago

they forgot to include the fugly powerbrick....

MS is embarrassed of it?

darthv721952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

true. it could be that the camera adds 10lbs like we are always told. lol

on topic though, the clean lines give it that solid home entertainment center look that will appeal to audio/videophiles.

@peasfor...why bother. its pretty much the same as the slim 360 anyway. it wouldnt surprise me if the two were interchangeable.

Gaming4Ever1952d ago Show
True_Samurai1952d ago

Just like the ps4 looking a burnt eraser huh? :-/

Saddam_hussein1952d ago

U would miss out on the games because its ugly?

koolaid2511952d ago

What games? All I need is Madden, Nba2k and Call of Duty. lol.

tigertom531952d ago

I like the looks but do wish it was a little smaller

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The story is too old to be commented.