Amazon UK Currently Selling Battlefield 4 for PS4 and Xbox One at £47 instead of £55

Battlefield 4, the next installment in popular Battlefield franchise is currently available only for £47 instead of £55 (PS4 and Xbox One versions) at Amazon (UK).

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iamnsuperman1945d ago

They are just being competitive.

N7Lukas1945d ago

*Cough* Pre-owned*Cough*

No more money from me EA.

HarryMasonHerpderp1945d ago

I'll be spending no more than £40 for a PS4 game at launch.
PS4 games actually take less time to make than PS3 games so why are we paying more? PS+ should keep me entertained for awhile until the prices go back to normal and something more reasonable.

N7Lukas1945d ago

Me too, i hate it when they use next gen as an excuse for a price hike. Like you said, no more than £40.

bumnut1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

"PS4 games actually take less time to make than PS3 games so why are we paying more?"

Because plenty of suckers will pay it! No game is worth more than £40, £24.99 - £29.99 would be a more reasonable price imo.

KonsoruMasuta1945d ago

They may take less time to make but they are better in quality, graphics, physcics and other things.

Zichu1945d ago

Does it cost more to create a new engine? Are the programmers being paid more to enhance graphics? If not, why would they need to increase the price of next gen games, if they are, why are they being paid more than I were before? I bet they are being overpaid or the bigwigs are being overpaid...

Once other retailers drop the price to compete, we will see more balanced prices that are most likely similar to what we are paying now. To be honest, I haven't paid £40 for a game in a couple of years, they have always been about £37 to £38 and sometimes even less on release day.

TemplarDante1945d ago

I love Fifa... but their holding back this year, intentionally too. It really doesnt look that much better than Fifa 13 on PS3...
For that price, just, FU EA. Daylight robbery.

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