How Close Are We to a GTA MMO?

Tomorrow, Rockstar will reveal GTA V's online component. Den of Geek discusses how close gamers are to getting a GTA MMO.

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HammadTheBeast1946d ago

I don't know why some people think it's a separate game....

Upstate89871946d ago

I don't think it is a separate game, but it brings up the topic.

nirwanda1945d ago

Surely it will be limited to an area and players and played like battlefield but with racing games built in too.

crimsonfox1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

I'm sure R* wouldn't give it the subtitle "Online" if it wasn't significant enough to do so. I'm not expecting an MMO but I am expecting a very vast online experiance. Just the racing alone kept me hooked online for a while. And now with all the additions they have made. the online portion of their game can really thrive in almost every department it seems.

The death matches in "Max Payne 3" are great fun and the horde mode on "Undead Nightmare" can be switched up a bit to maybe mimic the gang wars that were in "San Andreas" The anticipation for tomorrow's trailer is killing me inside.

ziggurcat1945d ago

hopefully very far away.

MMOs are garbage.

zeal0us1945d ago

I was with you on the first sentence then you lost me with the second one.

dcj05241945d ago

So you don't want a crapton of real players in tge city making it feel like a city? I don't understand.

ziggurcat1945d ago

yeah, because i really enjoy playing a game filled with trolls, and griefers... /sarcasm

generic-user-name1945d ago

Anyone know what time the reveal is tomorrow?

crimsonfox1945d ago

They usually put stuff out at 8am New York time.

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