Edge- Splinter Cell: Blacklist Review

Edge:Blacklist is a series of answers to questions posed in the wake of Splinter Cell: Conviction. Why can’t you move bodies? Why must you kill everyone? Where are the gadgets? Where is Spies vs Mercs? Well, now you can, you don’t have to, they’re all here, and it’s back. Conviction was yanked from the depths of development hell with a speedy that’ll-do-just-ship-it approach and was a surprisingly successful rescue job, but Blacklist was planned and directed like a laser to be all things to all players. Whatever you’ve found to like about any Splinter Cell game is here in quantities so extravagant that it’s almost daunting, and in combinations so random that it’s a disaster.

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s8anicslayer1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

Yikes! and I was just going to pre order it. Although all other reviews say this game is good with 8-9.5.

Benjammin251922d ago

I'm sure it's an okay game, but if Ubisoft keep trying to turn their franchise into a Hollywood blockbuster, they can forget about this series ever approaching the quality of Chaos Theory again.

DoctorJones1922d ago

It's with sadness that I say Splinter Cell will never return to the greatness that was Chaos Theory. Splinter Cell isn't Splinter Cell anymore, it's just another action game.

It happens with pretty much any great franchise built on core mechanics that set them apart from the rest, as soon as the money men get involved it all turns to crap.

Ubisoft killed Splinter Cell beginning with Double Agent, just like EA killed Dead Space with Dead Space 3.

'We have to appeal to everyone!'

starchild1922d ago

That's just a load of horseshit. I am one of the biggest Splinter Cell fans around going back to the first game. I have played and beaten every single game in the franchise.

Blacklist looks incredible. It looks like they took all the best elements from the first three games and combined it with the best elements from Conviction, which is just perfect to me. I love the direction they have taken the game.

Gamers like you would never know how to keep a franchise around. You would run it into the ground by keeping it the same and people would get tired of the same stale gameplay.

Blacklist achieves the perfect balance of innovating and expanding the mechanics while keeping the core of the best elements from the earlier games.

jimmins1922d ago

This review is correct. The others are incorrect.

starchild1922d ago

This review is crap, just like most of Edge's reviews. Nitpicking nonsense.

ifritAlkhemyst1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

Oh god. Sounds like an everything and the bucket approach.

I actually liked Conviction for what it was, a capstone to the series. And a good one at that. Anything afterwards with Sam Fisher is just flogging a horse that already died happily.

DoctorJones1922d ago

Ughh....Conviction was terrible for a Splinter Cell game, it was a fairly decent game in its own right, but it wasn't really a Splinter Cell game. It mostly made me cringe, particularly with the looped conversations which just completely killed any kind of immersion with the game.

The focus on the action truly begun with Conviction and was the turning point in what was, until that point, a game pretty much all about stealth.

ifritAlkhemyst1922d ago

Well, for what it was it was alright and I didn't mind the change of pace since it was in service to the story.

But when you take Fisher back into the espionage game, it damn well ought to feel like the original games and not this overblown blockbuster crap.

j4re1922d ago

Bravo. This reviewer is spot on. I don't want an action movie. A great franchise further dumbed down to appeal to the casual masses. What a shame.

first1NFANTRY1922d ago

Man all these well known IP's from last generation just aren't the same anymore. First it was Resident Evil then Devil May Cry and now Splinter Cell. These developers need to start looking at what their doing wrong. It pains me deeply knowing how much i enjoyed these games last gen and how they've turned out now.

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