IGN- Splinter Cell: Blacklist Review

IGN:Splinter Cell: Blacklist is a sweet middle ground between the Panther-like action of Conviction and the Ghost-like stealth of Chaos Theory. The delightful improbable success of this compromise is a testament to game design that always has choice in mind. It’s well worth replaying the campaign with an alternate playstyle, a different set of preferred gadgets, and/or on Perfectionist mode. And, like the series’ Chaos Theory series peak it can’t help but be compared to, Blacklist’s also packing a pair of multiplayer modes that could stand proudly on their own. Splinter Cell is back on the right shadowy track.

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CaptainPunch1952d ago

Sweet, game is looking really good. Going to be picking it up.

starchild1951d ago

Yeah, it looks like everything I love about the first three games and the good things from Conviction.

I can't wait to play this game. It looks amazing.

Lovable1952d ago

Damn I wanna play this so bad, but FF 14 is coming out soon. Why the F*** would they release great games at the same month! Tales of Xillia, Dragon's Crown, Splinter Cell and FF 14 later on. This is by far the best month this year for me.

vishmarx1952d ago

you forgot sr4 and xcom

LOGICWINS1952d ago

GTAV scared everyone back into August lol. I figured Blacklist was going to be the best in the series given from what I've seen in video previews.

vishmarx1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

$$$ is what i smell
not a bad game .BUT 9.2?(also why oes sr4 get a 7.2?)
pros multiplayer,multiplayer,mutipl ayer
cons dated looks ,mediocre script,screen tearing,bad character models,framerate stuttering,old va is gone.6hrs sp

pros great story great gameplay ,pretty long,beautifully detailed cell shading,

dated graphics?
no multiplayer,no secret agents , no army, no shooting people/blowing stuff up
score 8.0

say hello western gaming journalism

Inception1952d ago

Haha, exactly. Western gaming journalism is a joke this day. No wonder japanese devs are reluctant to localize their games.

Grap1952d ago

SR4 is outdated you are getting ripped off by a dlc. + why u look surprise by the score? the game isn't even out yet you smart head.

vishmarx1952d ago

neither of em are.
how did you conclude about sr4. besides .sr4 is barely even my point you shnob
read the review atleast!
hopefully your dense head gets a bit clearer after that

Grap1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

i got my copy SR4 here in gulf countries we get game early so yes i played SR4 and it's clearly a dlc in mind. + i don't need to read a review for something i bought and try it. i have my own review.

MrTrololo1951d ago

Stop crying dude. Saint rows 4 got a lot of high rating it didn't deserved

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Mr-SellJack1952d ago

Da Fuq?another overrated review by IGN just like last year's Gears of War
They Give SRIV that has the higher metacritic score a 7.2.
Puppeteer,SaintsRow IV,ACIV,Until Dawn and Rayman Legends are gr8 games scheduled to release this year that demand more hype

Neonridr1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

Are you saying that the Saints Row franchise is better than the Splinter Cell franchise? How can you even compare the two?

Tactical Stealth Espionage vs Grand Theft Auto rip-off...

hmmm which one do I wanna try out.

SCW19821951d ago

I can't get past Sams horrible voice and character model.

RTheRebel1951d ago

I want Michael Ironside =(
Not buying game for thus reason.

Campy da Camper1951d ago

Hey, I miss him too but bringing back the mp is reason enough to get this game.

starchild1951d ago

That's sad. I'm a huge Splinter Cell fan going back to the first game and I will miss Michael Ironside's voice, but if you let that make you miss out on an incredible game...that is just crazy.

I think this looks like the best Splinter Cell game ever. It has everything I truly loved about the first three games and also includes some of the best ideas from Conviction.

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