Dragon Quest X Gets a New Quest, Continues the Dark Taiki Storyline, New Screenies Released

Square Enix announced that it will implement a new quest on the Japanese servers of Dragon Quest X today (it’s already Thursday in Japan), and released new screenshots.

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DA_SHREDDER1952d ago

This crap is taking too long, i don't care when or even if it comes out ever in the U.S., and im like one of the biggest DQ fans, been playing them since i was a child in the 80's.

josegallardo891952d ago

If by too long you mean you want the game, you should consider importing the PC version once its out. I've been enjoying the beta, and will definitely import. If you don't know Japanese, you can still enjoy the game with online guides and stuff. Quite a few people from Woodus (site) play the game and you can tag along and get help with your online mode. I will also get the localized version when its out.