SEC won't participate in EA game

ESPN:The Southeastern Conference has joined the NCAA in announcing it will no longer license its trademarks in the EA Sports NCAA football video game.

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MiasmaDodo1952d ago

I love my NCAA games
but EA and the NCAA brought this on themselves.

You cannot use peoples faces along side Gatorade, Reeses, Pepsi etc...without paying them!

modesign1952d ago

cant wait to play NCAA football from god only knows who is developing and publishing

DC19801952d ago

One less game for me to purchase

robotgargoyle1952d ago

It's kinda bullshit. The "players" are the same generic 10 faces pasted on a body. Yes, they have the same number and attributes as the actual player, but the likeness? Puhleeeze! These players get immortalized on a second level aside from tv ( which they don't get paid for either). NCAA makes so much money off college ball it is ridiculous.