Roundtable: Is the Wii U Doomed?

The VGUTV staff share their opinions on if the Wii U is doomed or if there is hope for Nintendo's fans.

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mewhy321257d ago

I'm just not sure about the future of the Wii-U. If Nintendo doesn't get their act together and put out some of that killer software that they're famous for, then the console is doomed I'd say. However I guess we need to wait until the Christmas season and see how the little box sells against the likes of the PS4. I predict a price cut to stay in the ballgame. If not, then it could be curtains.

avengers19781257d ago

Yup if it does poorly during the holiday, when there are plenty of games to help move units, then it is in trouble

darthv721257d ago

wii-u is not doomed when you look at games like wonderful 101 coming out on sept 15th. The demo is fun as hell to play.

Now i wouldnt mind a wii-u version of Doom though. Doom 3 or even doom 4 would be nice to have.

falcon971257d ago

Look Nintendo are doing everything right,its just the industry and lets see if ps4 and xbox one do after their initial launch sales 1st,i do know Nintendo have more games that actually sell hardware then microsoft or sony ????

NYC_Gamer1257d ago

Wii U doesn't have to be number one sales wise to be successful

solidjun51257d ago

" Is the Wii U Doomed?"

It had a bad stretch. Every console goes through that. They'll be fine.

jcnba281257d ago

Off course it's doomed! It's been doomed since 1889!


Master-H1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

Yes the Wii U iz teh i don't think it's doomed until Nintendo completely stops releasing games for it or the sales completely tank which is very unlikely.

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