Gamer 2.0: Battlefield: Bad Company Beta Impressions

The Battlefield: Bad Company multiplayer beta has been out just about a while now and Gamer 2.0 took the opportunity to gallivant around the two available maps. With this new title, DICE is using the new Frostbite engine and vamping up the destructible environments. Though the beta does not provide much in terms of content or excitement, there is still some time to work it out.

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GAMExxOVER3897d ago

The lack of players talking is in large part do to the fact that the game will not let you communicate with the majority of your team, only opening communication with a couple randomly picked players. the rest of your team is off limits to you to talk to.

AlexQuevedo3897d ago

As the writer of the article, I thank you for pointing that out. I appreciate it. (Hey, have to admit when I've misspoke a bit, right?)