Media Create software sales (8/5 – 8/11)

Media Create published the latest software sales from Japan.

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GreatGamePlay1827d ago

Cute & Sexiness sure help Dragon's Crown Sales.

Dno1827d ago

Or it was just a great game??
Yea grow up teen its a great game and it should have way more sales IMO.

r211827d ago

Part of it at least, what also helped were the great art and animations, the gameplay and the amount of content in it :D

bothebo1827d ago

Lol that software sales chart says it all.

sherimae24131827d ago

so i guess no more yakuza for ninty? lol

AfterThought1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

No idea why they bothered. They could have spent that time and effort on Yakuza 5 being localized or give us some dang PSO 2 news already.

Almost givin up on both sadly. Of course you can import them but these are games I want to enjoy fully, not just skim by cause I can't understand half of what is going on.