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Submitted by Lavalamp 909d ago | opinion piece

The Final Verdict - FFXV Should Stay Versus XIII

GameTrailers: "Internal flame wars rise as one of us attests that Final Fantasy XV should be called Versus XIII. Which side won? The verdict is in." (Final Fantasy XV, PS4, Xbox One)

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GreatGamePlay  +   909d ago
The old Final Fantasy is no more.

This is a The Realm Reborn Generation of Final Fantasy.
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ArchangelMike  +   909d ago
Definately a good move by SquareEnix to rename the game FFXV. A new start on next gen consoles is good for the` series, plus the game looks phenominal and is doing new things gameplay-wise.
elda  +   909d ago
I agree...though I like the game FF-XIII knowing half the fan base is sick of anything Lightning & XIII,Square did the right thing by not associating the name with XIII & changing it to XV,this game is looking like a potential Square masterpiece!
PirateKing  +   909d ago
This video was almost completely unnecessary.
zeroskie  +   909d ago
entirely completely
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   909d ago
I really hope this game lives up to the hype.
It carry's a big burden after the disappointment of the XIII series. Here's hoping it brings Final Fantasy back to the glory days.
You can already see from the videos that it won't bring it back to the glory days. The FF franchise is dead and FFXV already looks worse than FF13. It's nothing but some Kingdom Hearts spinoff with "Final Fantasy" slapped on the box.

I'll be skipping it much like every other FF game from now on. FF13 was supposed to bring FF back to the glory days and it didn't so I avoided every FF after that and will continue to do so because it's all a bunch of hype for a now mediocre franchise.

People hoping that the next game will constantly bring it back to the glory days of when the games were actually good are just as delusional as Sonic fans.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   909d ago
Yeah I think it looks like a little too much kingdom hearts and not enough Final Fantasy.
The kids would go nuts if they had to sit and think of a strategy though so that's why they scrapped turn based combat. I don't believe this game will bring the series back to the glory days but I can still hope that it does.
Oh and Sonic Generations was quite decent! haha
This is ten times better though...
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elda  +   909d ago
This game looks nothing like KH,the,the serious tone,the atmosphere,the battle system & the drama looks totally FF & I'm a fan since the SNES days & FF always reinvents each chapter in the series,yes the battle system is action but it's not the 90's or early 2000,Square has to keep it fresh what was successful a long time ago can't be said today,those are long gone mechanics & some people still like that formula but the show must go on.
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Darrius Cole  +   909d ago
Are you guys looking at the same game that I am. While he was talking I was watching the FFXV footage running in the background and it looks awesome. My only concern is that I hope the game remembers to slow down and give us some freedom and choice on where to go and which quests to take. I don't want another long corridor on rails like FFXIII was.

But I got no complaints on what I'm seeing of that combat. It's not turn based, but let's see how it actually plays. It looks like it's working, and change is good, when it works.
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DigitalRaptor  +   908d ago
Versus has always been a ton more ambitious than any FF game in years, and despite having a real-time battle system (who cares?) it's more FInal Fantasy than the abomination we got this gen and its cash-in sequels.

XV will deliver what it set out to and new hardware will be a part of ensuring this, I have no doubt of that, but will people find it to match the hype of 7-8 years of waiting? That remains to be seen. Will still pre-order and play it as soon as it's available.
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elda  +   908d ago
@DR...100% Agreed!!
Master-H  +   909d ago
Yo the gameplay looks sharp, who cares about the name.
The__Villager   909d ago | Spam
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   909d ago
I dont care what its called as long as its awesome.
EXVirtual  +   909d ago
Enough. This is the new age of Final Fantasy. Turn based is a thing of the past. I'm happy that it's a main title actually, but regardless, the gameplay looks wicked. Didn't a lot of people say that Japanese devs didn't innovate this gen? Smh.
WhateverBlah  +   909d ago
Agree with the last guy "Michael Damiani" in everything he said except that he agree that SE decision to name Versus FFXV was right, in my case I didn't want them to name it FFXV anything else would be fine by me, but no FFXV this game can't be a main FF game it's style doesn't suit the franchise that's the prob here & from the moment SE can't see that means they don't know what FF is all about anymore they have lost it completely, FF is doomed with those people who lead the company right now.
elda  +   909d ago
@EXV..I see you get it as do I,FF is evolving especially with the battle system & if people can't except the change then they should move on to something that suits their taste instead of ripping apart every new FF game that comes to light.
ZHZ90  +   909d ago
I don't know why does these FF fanboys get mad at every FF game, they got made at FFXIII games and wanting Versus XIII to happen as soon as possible then at the moment Versus XIII renamed XV lots of us excited and some/few diehard FF fanboys raged and making blogs or articles about "FF IS DIED". Wth?!
kalkano  +   909d ago
The perfect solution would have been to call it "Final Fantasy: Versus". That way, you avoid alienating a large portion of your fanbase, while simultaneously ridding yourself of the negativity associated with XIII. Also, while retaining the name "Versus" (unlike "Agito XIII" becoming "Type-0"), you make it clear to those that have been waiting for "Versus XIII" that this is the same game.

But, I guess that would have made too much sense, for SquareEnix...
changing final fantasy verses XIII to final fantasy XV clearly shows they don't have a problem with tacking on the final fantasy name to any game just to increase the chance of higher sales. i would be surprised if square enix started calling every rpg, or every game that they make final fantasy.
DigitalRaptor  +   908d ago
And despite the fact that FINAL FANTASY Versus XIII has always looked and been described as a far more ambitious and better venture than any FF game in the last few years, what would maintaining an obscure name have done for it, other than restrict its sales potential and cultural success as a FF title?

I understand where you're coming from, but it doesn't apply to a game with outstanding ambition and a passionate creative director who wants to make something new, free of the powers that be in Square Enix.

If it needed to become next gen, multiplatform and become FFXV, so be it. It deserves the attention, especially after XIII and its crappy sequels.
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final fantasy has been a beloved franchise for years, long before the creation of final fantasy XIII, and for the most part the fundamental core of these games has been the same for years until final fantasy XIII. nobody thought final fantasy X was perfect when it was released, but nobody ever questioned that it was a final fantasy game. based on square enix's poor decisions from having kingdom hearts sit out this gen to making sequels to a final fantasy game that the majority of it's fans didn't want, i'm really starting trust square enix less, and less. square enix already decided once to cancel this title without telling fans, and didn't start development up again until they realized how pissed everyone was, and now there putting it in the main line of the series probably because the brand is still strong, and naming it final fantasy XV will make more people aware of it.i really believe that square enix thinks that they hit the jackpot with the concept& brand of final fantasy, the game that story always changes, and a large number of people will buy because that name still has the power to make gamers ears flutter, and makes the earth shake when a new game in the series is announced. i really believe square enix thinks when there in a tough spot they can just paste the final fantasy name onto a game that wasn't intended to be a final fantasy game just to make money.
magus  +   908d ago
Whatever the name I am ready to play it and see how good or bad it is . It could be called final fantasy light pole for all I care.

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