Elebits Sequel Due for Wii

According to a snippet in this month's Official Nintendo Magazine, a sequel to Elebits (Eledees) is in the works.

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PS360WII3875d ago

huh crazy. The first one was pretty fun glad they are making another one hopefully with a little more attention to detail ^^ the power ups where fun and the controls worked well all 3D with opening doors and cabinet and moving stuff around all in the name of finding those buggars!

Harry1903875d ago

happy for you,but do you play on non-nintendo consoles?

PS360WII3875d ago

oh yeah I have a 360 and a PS3 and play both just as much along with a PSP and a DS plus last gen and the gen before that and so on...

It's just I think that for the most part there are enough people commenting on the PS3/360/PSP threads and basically no one on the Wii/DS threads that I might as well make myself at home ;)

ItsDubC3875d ago

Dude, awesome. I still think the 1st Elebits is one of the most innovative titles to have come out this generation, and it is has very addictive gameplay. I actually had no doubt there would be a sequel, just didn't know when.

MK_Red3875d ago

OMG Awesome.
Definitly agreed. Original Elebits was a super fun game and a really innovative one. A true blast when played with friends. It was the first Wii game that I couldn't hate and had to love (The other being original RRR though the sequel was kinda meh IMO...).

cooke153875d ago

I really liked the first one. This time it can be a much more polished experience.