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Elebits Sequel Due for Wii

According to a snippet in this month's Official Nintendo Magazine, a sequel to Elebits (Eledees) is in the works. (Elebits, Wii)

Credit url: videogaming247.com
PS360WII  +   2302d ago
huh crazy. The first one was pretty fun glad they are making another one hopefully with a little more attention to detail ^^ the power ups where fun and the controls worked well all 3D with opening doors and cabinet and moving stuff around all in the name of finding those buggars!
Harry190  +   2302d ago
I am
happy for you,but do you play on non-nintendo consoles?
PS360WII  +   2302d ago
oh yeah I have a 360 and a PS3 and play both just as much along with a PSP and a DS plus last gen and the gen before that and so on...

It's just I think that for the most part there are enough people commenting on the PS3/360/PSP threads and basically no one on the Wii/DS threads that I might as well make myself at home ;)
ItsDubC  +   2302d ago
Dude, awesome. I still think the 1st Elebits is one of the most innovative titles to have come out this generation, and it is has very addictive gameplay. I actually had no doubt there would be a sequel, just didn't know when.
MK_Red  +   2302d ago
OMG Awesome.
Definitly agreed. Original Elebits was a super fun game and a really innovative one. A true blast when played with friends. It was the first Wii game that I couldn't hate and had to love (The other being original RRR though the sequel was kinda meh IMO...).
cooke15  +   2302d ago
I really liked the first one. This time it can be a much more polished experience.

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