Report: Three more executives exit Zynga

AllThingsD reports that three high-level executives have left social game company Zynga in the wake of changes implemented by newly appointed CEO Don Mattrick.

According to unnamed sources, Zynga's chief operating officer David Ko, chief technology officer Cadir Lee, and chief people officer Colleen McCreary "will step down from their positions and leave the company as a result" of the changes.

Following his departure as Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business on July 1, Mattrick said he was bringing the fledgling social game company "back to basics" in its attempt to recover from sweeping layoffs and other executive-level departures.

Shares of Zynga were trading down 0.69% in after hours to $2.89.

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FrigidDARKNESS1946d ago

Well Don Mattrick is laying down the hammer in little over a month.